Airbags are a vital safety feature of all vehicles. Despite this, they only work if the system is functioning correctly. It is why having an airbag module reset is essential.

Airbag modules are computers that store information, such as crash data. This information then triggers the airbag light to stay on until reset.


Prevents Injuries

Airbags help prevent injuries to the driver and passengers by reducing the vehicle’s momentum in the event of a collision. By absorbing impact, they also reduce the chance of the car going off the road or hitting other objects, such as trees or fences. It can save lives and protect the driver and passengers from serious injury.

While airbags are a great safety feature, they can cause minor injuries, such as cuts or bruises. However, these are far less severe than skull fractures or traumatic brain injuries. Only 87 people have died from airbag-related incidents since 1997.

If the SRS light is on, there are likely issues with the sensors or control unit in the airbag module. To restore the system and turn off the SRS light, it’s recommended to rely on the expert repair services of Safety Restore.

An airbag module reset service can restore your SRS airbag computer, remove all crash-relevant data and clear any codes from the EEPROM chip for a seamless fix. It’s a much better option than buying a new SRS airbag module from the dealership, which can cost hundreds of dollars.

Prevents Deaths

Airbags are a vital safety feature in most cars and trucks, as they can save the lives of drivers and passengers in the event of an accident. However, if the airbags are not functioning correctly, this can put you at risk of injury or even death on the road. That is why resetting your airbag module as soon as your airbag light comes on is crucial, especially if you’ve been in an accident or if your airbags were not deployed in the event of an accident.

Airbag modules are computer-controlled devices that monitor your car’s sensors to detect any impacts or crashes. They then send the signal to activate the airbags.

If the SRS airbag ECU/module (also known as an SRS airbag control module) stores rigid codes or crash data after an accident, it will turn on your check engine light and may cause the airbags to disable. 

Prevents Damage

Airbags are essential safety features in cars, but they can only be effective if all the components that make them work properly are working. It includes the airbag module, which receives signals from impact sensors and triggers the pyrotechnic charge that inflates the airbags during a collision. Airbag modules must be reset to continue working effectively; this is one of our services.

Once an airbag has been deployed, the computer in the module stores a crash code that prevents it from being used again. The airbag light will remain on until this complex code is cleared. We can reset the airbag module by erasing all crash data at a fraction of a dealer’s cost of a new module.

Disconnect the battery before beginning the airbag reset process to avoid getting shocked. Then, locate the airbag module under the driver’s seat or in the center console. Use a screwdriver or socket wrench to remove the bolts or screws that hold it in place, and carefully unplug the wiring harness plugs.

Prevents Damage to the Passengers

Airbags limit the force drivers, and passengers experience when a car crashes. They also prevent them from flinging out of the vehicle and being seriously injured or killed. In addition, the crumple zones in modern vehicles are designed to absorb much of the impact.

Airbag sensors detect the force of a crash, and they trigger the airbags to deploy to protect passengers. They do this by measuring the movement in the car and calculating how much force is needed to break the windshield or rear window.

Your vehicle’s airbag ECU/module controls the entire airbag system, including impact sensors, airbags, and seat belts. It can store crash data and illuminate your airbag light in case of an accident, even if the airbags do not deploy.

Sometimes, you may have to replace your airbag module, especially if flooded or damaged. However, a simple airbag module reset can erase the problematic code and restore your airbag computer to normal. It can save you hundreds of dollars in replacement costs from a dealer.

Prevents Damage to the Vehicle

Airbags can prevent your passengers or you from flying off the road in a collision by slowing down the momentum of the impact. They can also prevent your vehicle from being damaged by the other vehicle.

Airbags can also help to prevent your passengers or you from getting injured in a collision by preventing them from hitting the dashboard or windshield. They can also prevent the vehicle from being damaged by objects such as debris or cars.

The airbag ECU/module can detect impacts and send signals to deploy the airbags or seat belt pre-tensioners. It can also store rigid crash codes. If these codes are not cleared, the airbag light will remain on.

Airbag module reset is a simple procedure to clear rigid crash codes stored in the airbag computer. The service is available online and can be done in a few minutes. It will cost you less than buying a new module from the dealer. The module can be used again after the rigid codes are erased.