There are over 700,000 registered motorcycles in Canada. With spring fast approaching, now is the time to consider buying a motorcycle. You need to consider the types of motorcycles available before making a purchase.

Do you want a highway machine or one better suited for rough terrain? Motorcycling can be a great adventure in a variety of ways. The best motorcycle for one kind of riding may not pertain to another type.

If you’re not sure where to start, check out this handy guide about types of motorcycles. Here, we break down some of the motorcycle categories you can choose from when deliberating your ideal motorcycle. Read on to learn more!

On-Road Types of Motorcycles

On-road motorcycles are great for riding around town. They also are capable of highway travel. They range from speedy sportbikes to long-haul touring bikes. Here are some examples of on-road motorcycle types.

To operate any on-road motorcycles on highways and streets, they need to be street legal. You also need to pass your M1 Test and get a motorcycle license.

Street Bikes

Street bikes are a more traditional form of motorcycle. To meet this classification, a motorcycle needs to be street legal. Beyond that, street bikes encompass a large category of motorcycles.

Standard bikes are considered to be street bikes, as are cruisers. Street bikes are made for around-town use or highway travel.

Touring Bikes

Touring bikes are for long-distance travel on highways. They have wind protection, may seat multiple passengers, and can carry saddlebags. They also have a more rigid steering system and are built for comfort.


Choppers are a low center of gravity style motorcycle with elongated handlebars. They often have high-powered engines and performance modifications.

Sports Bikes

Sports bikes are high-powered street bikes capable of high speeds and radical maneuvers. They have more torque than traditional street bikes and other modifications. Their seat crouches the driver forward over the gas tank.

Off-Road Types of Motorcycles

You shouldn’t limit your motorcycle usage to the pavement. Riding a motorcycle off-road can be an enjoyable recreational experience if you have the right kind of bike. Here are a few examples.

Dirt Bikes

The dirt bikes are for sport and performance. They are lightweight, cheap to make and replace, and built for extreme use off-road. Motocross bikes are examples of dirt bikes. This kind of bike is perfect for hobbyists.

Off-Road Touring Bikes

Off-road touring bikes (or adventure bikes) are dirt bikes made for long-haul off-road missions. They are heavier than traditional dirt bikes and may carry saddlebags. Some have features such as windshields. Most are street legal.

Crossover Bikes

Crossover bikes can operate on or off-road. They have to be street legal by definition. They have basic to advanced off-road capability depending on the model. Some off-road touring bikes are also crossover bikes.

Choose Your Type of Motorcycle

Owning a motorcycle is a big responsibility. You need to pick wisely when selecting between the different types of motorcycles. Learn a bit of motorcycle safety and practice riding a few different kinds to find your favorite.

Then, use the information in this guide to choose the ideal type of motorcycle for you. For all your other important information like this article, make sure to check back with our website.