If you’re planning on listing your house soon, you need it to look good. From decluttering to redecorating, you can make your home pop with the right strategy. But where should you start?

Read on to find the only home staging guide you’ll ever need!

Declutter Home Decor and Furniture

Staging your home should start with decluttering it. By doing this initial step, you’ll help make even the smallest rooms seem bigger. Bulky furniture — or too many tables and chairs — can make spaces seem cramped.

Even if you love the antique armoire in your bedroom, it might be too big for your space. Do an honest assessment of the furniture in your home. You might be better off stashing it in a storage unit or the basement. 

Home Staging Should Involve Cleaning

When it comes to your home selling checklist, make sure that a deep clean is on it. After all, no one wants to see a messy kitchen or dirty carpet. Roll up your sleeves and grab a bucket of sudsy water!

Clean the grout around your shower tiles. Mop the hardwood floors to help them sparkle. And clean your kitchen counters with a lemon-scented cleaner to impress anyone who sees them.

Remove Personal Items

Your living room may be littered with framed pictures of your kids and parents. This may make the home seem warm and friendly to you. But anyone visiting an open house won’t be able to picture themselves in your home as easily. 

Remove any family pictures in favor of more generic landscape scenes or abstract art that matches the furniture. And remove posters, diplomas, and other personal items. 

Upgrade Your Lighting

Do you have a little extra money to help with staging your home? If so, invest in some better lighting. While you don’t have to spring for recessed lights, you may gain a lot from upgrading fixtures.

And in some cases, you may simply need more light. When you pull back the curtains, does a room seem dark? Stick a floor lamp or two in the corners of your main living rooms to generate a little more light.

Spruce Up the Exterior

If you’re selling as is, you may not need to worry about grand updates. But if your home is FSBO or in need of some updates, devote some time to the exterior. Even some modest changes can enhance curb appeal. 

During the home staging process, trim your shrubs and add some fresh mulch. Repaint the exterior to complement a new roof or windows. Or add a nice wreath to the door for a simple punch of charm! 

Staging Your Home Can Lead to a Good Offer

Home staging is part of the homeownership journey. And while it can take time and a little money, it can yield a good return on the investment. Get a second opinion from a real estate agent, and start making your home shine.

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