This year has seen a serious boom in real estate across the US. More homes were sold in 2021 than ever in history.

Perhaps you’re one of the homeowners trying to sell your abode. Or maybe you’re interested in entering the buyer’s market at this time. Either way, you want the best real estate agent by your side for the journey. 

Finding the best realtor doesn’t have to be difficult, either. Here’s our quick guide for finding the real estate agency or agent who’s right for you.

1. Ask Around

With so many people entering the real estate market, there’s a good chance you already know someone who’s sold or bought a house. Ask them if they have a suggestion of a real estate agent you should work with in your local area. 

Having a recommendation from a trusted friend or family member is a great way to choose someone you can trust. In fact, you may be able to skip the next two tips on this list — that’s how good a referral is in this situation.

2. Search Online

If you don’t know anyone who has a realtor recommendation, then you can start your search online. Peruse Google reviews to see what other people have to say about real estate firms and agents in your area. Real estate sites like can also show you who’s showing and selling homes in your area. 

3. Meet at Least Three Agents

Once you’ve got an idea of who to work with, set up meetings with the best realtors in your area. Try and schedule three meetings, at the very least. 

Treat these meetings as interviews — after all, you are going to hire one of the candidates to sell your home. Choose the agent with a proven track record, but also choose the one with whom you have the easiest rapport. You’ll be doing business together, after all, and the better you get along, the better the process will be.

4. Make Your Expectations Clear

During your meeting, make sure your potential agents know exactly what you’re looking for. How quickly do you want to sell your home? How much money do you want? 

Knowing these things can ensure that you’ve got the right agent for the job. In turn, they can make sure they’re capable of handling the task at hand.

5. Sign the Contract

Finally, once you’ve decided on the best realtor for you, make sure you draw up a contract that suits both of you. Make sure the contract includes the list length, the commission structure, and the list price for your home. Have a plan for if your house doesn’t sell within the list length, too — will you extend or terminate the contract? 

Find the Best Real Estate Agent For You

Every seller is different, so there’s no one who’s going to be the best real estate agent for everyone. However, if you follow the above steps, you’re sure to find a professional who’s going to sell your home and work well with you. As you enter a hot real estate market, there’s not much more you could want. 

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