If you have been thinking about putting your house up for sale lately, this might be the best time. With mortgage rates rising above 3% and set to rise more, capturing the hot market is waning. But, to get the most from selling your home, there are still things to get done first.

When you’re unsure where to start, a home selling checklist will help get everything in order. So if you want to sell your home for the best price, keep reading. Here’s a brief guide to preparing your home before the FSBO sign goes up on your lawn.

First up on Your Home Selling Checklist

Some may prefer to avoid the expense but hiring the best home inspector in your area could save you a lot of grief. In addition, a thorough inspection will alert you to any issues that might stall a quick sale.

Often, the home inspector can find issues to fix before they become more significant problems. Doing these repairs could raise your home appraisal value in a short time.

Tidy up Until It Hurts

One of the best ways to show the real value in your home is to clean it from top to bottom. Start by removing as much clutter as possible.

Suppose you have no place to put some items. Rent a storage space until you sell. A neat and clutter-free house tells buyers you have cared for your home.

First Impressions Count

When house shoppers drive up to a groomed front lawn and fresh garden flowers, it puts them in the mood to buy. Give your house the curb appeal that expresses the wow factor, and your job will get easier.

And don’t forget to wash the windows and siding to make your home sparkle. Then, when you take photographs for a home buyers site, the images will pop off the screen.

Outside and in your home should smell fresh and inviting. Some sellers put fresh flowers out in big rooms. Others use scented candles to create that homey feeling.

Get Projects Done

If there are any minor fixes you’ve meant to get to, now is the time. Repair loose doorknobs or switches that don’t work. Let buyers know you have kept up the property.

It doesn’t cost a lot to put a fresh coat of paint on feature walls. However, neutral colors work best for selling your home.

Choose Your Best Method for Sale

Selling your home without help can be enticing for keeping more profit. But before putting up the FSBO sign, it pays to talk with a professional real estate agent.

The best agents have a network of buyers as well as access to legal provisions. They can also help you improve your home selling checklist with their expertise. Real Estate pros know what buyers look for better than most.

If time is your priority, there are home buying agencies you can contact. Whichever you choose, prepare your home first to get as much as possible. And if you found this article appealing, check out the rest of our website for more tips.