Did you know that Long Island contains 39 percent of New York’s population?

Given the grandeur of New York City, it’s easy to see why many are moving to Long Island. If you’re one of them, make sure you look at some good Long Island neighborhoods for families.

Are you wondering where to buy a home in Long Island? To save you the hassle of house-hunting, we’ve compiled this list of five great Long Island neighborhoods.



When it comes to Long Island real estate, Plainview is one of the first neighborhoods you’ll want to look at. Located in Nassau County, Plainview brims with coffee shops, parks, and restaurants.

You’ll get a taste of suburbs while also enjoying the cityscape of New York on the horizon. It’s one of the best Long Island neighborhoods for families because the schools are highly-rated.

Most of the people here are home-owning retirees, but there’s a good deal of diversity, too.

East Meadow

Sticking to Nassau county, East Meadow is another one of the Long Island towns you’ll want to check out. Its population is a little bit bigger and denser than Plainview, but the Long Island real estate is more affordable.

East Meadow is also more diverse, and the schools in the area are equally as high quality. If your kids are artistically inclined, this is also a perk. The schools in East Meadow are known for their strong arts and music programs.

Garden City

You can probably see by now that Nassau County is a winner. Garden City is no exception, thanks to the abundance of lush trees and vibrant gardens.

Another advantage is its proximity to the beach, major outlets, and other attractions. The people are known for their friendliness, and the schools are a standout.

If you’re moving to Long Island soon and want to start looking in Garden City, see more here.


The best Long Island neighborhoods for families aren’t only in Nassau County. Consider checking out Smithtown, a gem of Suffolk County.

By far the biggest of the Long Island towns we’ve looked at, Smithtown maintains an urban feel. However, you’ll still have access to top schools, quality teachers, and lots of academic resources.

West Islip

If you want to shop for houses in Suffolk County but don’t want quite the population of Smithtown, take a look at West Islip. It’s one of the best Long Island neighborhoods for families, especially if you have teenagers.

This is because there is an excellent public school system. West Islip is also home to many young professionals, so your older kids will find plenty of opportunities for work after graduation.

Finding Homes in Long Island Neighborhoods

Thanks to its huge population, moving to Long Island is an ambitious pursuit. You’ll find no shortage of Long Island neighborhoods to choose from.

As you can see from this list, several of them are great Long Island neighborhoods for families. You’ll get to enjoy quality schools, beautiful scenery, and friendly neighbors.

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