Work-life balance is becoming a more and more important issue to employees around the country. But oftentimes, the term of work-life balance is misunderstood – or misinterpreted. Work-life balance is not only about having more spare time, but is a concept that allows you to unfold as the person you really are. It’s important to find the perfect balance between work, family time, chores, relaxation and doing something for yourself. Finding a hobby that suits is can be the key to creating that balance. But where to start if you don’t know which hobby might be the one? We’ve created a list with the best hobbies to start this year.

Sports and Movement

Sports are a great method to ease tensions. But not only that: Exercising on a regular basis will help you get in shape and support your health. Hitting the gym is one way to integrate sports into your lifestyle, of course. But there are plenty of other fun activities.


Riding a motorcycle requires a lot of concentration, but you will be rewarded with an adrenaline-rush that’s definitely worth it. Even though motorcycling isn’t exactly a sports discipline, it has an effect on your body, as it can be strenuous. Before you hit the road, make sure to wear high-quality motorcycle gear, though.

Motorcycling accidents can lead to severe injuries, which is something you should always have in mind. A good helmet, sturdy boots and motor gloves are a must-have. You might even want to invest in designated motorcycling jackets and pants in order to protect yourself.


Hiking is the perfect hobby for you if you´re an outdoorsy person. Some people mistake hiking for taking a long walk – misconception, of course. In fact, hiking requires a lot of stamina and will-power. Will you make it up that hill? Or will you give up? If you do, a picturesque view will be awaiting you.

Fresh air clears the mind and can work wonders on the immune system. But there is even more to exploring nature on foot: Hiking isn’t expensive. You should purchase sturdy hiking shoes, but apart from that, you don’t need a lot – at least not right away. Also, hiking is possible all around the globe, which leaves tons of places for you to explore – Ohio for example.

Horseback Riding

Most people, who are into riding, started their hobby back when they were little. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t start now. Taking care of a horse and working with it in the pit or in the field is a great experience that will nurture your patience, your discipline and your empathy. At the same time, you can free your mind from all the everyday issues that bother you, as you´ll need to focus on the massive animal underneath you. Horseback riding is also a great workout.

DIY Hobbies

Sports are great. But, let’s be honest: Some people are just not into sports, and that’s okay. There are other ways to occupy oneself in a productive way, DIYs being one of them.


Our mothers and grandmothers knew how to shorten pants and how to sew on buttons. Most of us don´t. Even though that kind of knowledge is very practicable, there’s a lot more to sewing. It takes a lot of patience and perfectionism. Being able to plan ahead and having fine motor skills comes in handy, too. And it pays off, because who wouldn’t want to wear a “made by me” shirt?


If you are a very creative person or willing to unfold your creative potential, art could be the perfect hobby for you. It helps you express yourself, which is great for relieving tensions. Painting is even used in trauma therapy. The best part about painting, sculpturing and the like probably is that there is no right or wrong. Whatever creation of yours you deem beautiful, really is beautiful. Also, you´ll always have the perfect present at hand for any occasion.