A luxury loft is a great way to live in a unique setting. Lofts can be converted to meet modern living needs while maintaining their unique charm. Designers and developers often modify the interior to create modern living spaces while retaining the character of the original building. Luxury lofts, such as those lofts for sale in St. Louis, MO, have bright, neutral hues and skylights.


One of the best features of a luxury loft is its light. There are various ways to achieve this, including using glass blocks, double-sided shelves, or different wall colors. You can also use furniture to create an illusion of zoning. Lighting can also help to open up a space. Another great feature is the use of art. Artworks in a loft style can include advertising posters, graffiti, or photographs. Other items for decoration include decorative pillows or original figurines.

The color scheme is also essential. Choose bold colors for your loft decor. You can add a chandelier or two for an impressive focal point. You can also choose unique light fixtures, such as floor lamps. Another option is to place large plants in concrete pots on the floor.

Neutral colors

The best way to create a luxurious loft interior is to paint the walls with neutral colors. While using sterile white paint is tempting, neutral hues can give the space a more upscale feel. Neutral colors are among the most popular colors for apartments and condos.

When decorating with neutral colors, make sure to use objects with personality. Dark accents can anchor a neutral scheme. Use them on a sofa, accent wall, or painted ceiling.

Open Plan

Open-plan luxury lofts are becoming a popular trend in Manhattan. While developers rarely bring traditional lofts to market, many open-plan homes are a more palatable option. For example, even the “loftiest” new constructions will have walls to separate the media room or study. In addition, luxurious constructions are becoming more spacious, with sprawling bedrooms and bathrooms. This trend is also causing a lot of debate. You can find discussions on online message boards about open-plan living.

This Toronto loft condominium features 11-to-14-foot ceilings and cutting-edge design. It also includes a private terrace, which adds volume. It also includes a dream kitchen designed by Schiffini of Italy. The space is furnished with a warm palette and bespoke furnishings, which add a splash of color. There are gallery walls showcasing significant works of art and four bathrooms.


Skylights are among the best features of luxury lofts because they allow you to experience the natural beauty of the sky. Moreover, they can help you build natural connections in your home, which is especially beneficial for urban homes. Skylights also allow you to catch the movement of wispy clouds and create natural shadows.

Skylights can also be used to provide ventilation. A well-placed skylight can open up a loft’s living space, transforming a modern living room into an open mezzanine level.

Kitchen Island

A kitchen island is a must-have in an open-floor-plan home. Not only does it offer extra storage, but it can also be a gathering spot for the family. It can double as a casual dining area or a place for homework. With so many uses for an island, a kitchen in a luxury loft can be anything from a stylish getaway for couples to a multifunctional space for a growing family.

A kitchen island can also be repositioned easily when needed, giving the space a flexible layout. This feature is an excellent way to attract potential tenants and keep current ones. Installing a kitchen island can also be a cost-effective way to update the kitchen. Even if the current space has laminate counters, adding an island can add value to the space and make it more inviting to guests. Consider adding a granite stone top to the countertop if you can afford it.

Spacious Living Area

A luxury loft is perfect for you if you love the urban lifestyle. These apartments usually feature open floor plans and high ceilings. They make great living spaces and are great for renters with roommates. If you want a more private living space, you can build out the loft into a bedroom.

Large Windows

Large windows in a luxury loft can offer a variety of benefits. For one, they let in natural light, brightening a space and improving the mood. Large windows also let in solar energy, which helps regulate indoor temperatures and lower energy bills. Aside from these benefits, large windows also add aesthetic value to a home.

Natural light is also helpful in improving the health of an individual. It can reduce seasonal depression and boost your sleep quality. It also helps to minimize health risks associated with fluorescent lighting. Lastly, floor-to-ceiling windows bring the outdoors inside. Large windows create an impression of openness and space and allow you to take in breathtaking views.