If you own a high-end vehicle, there are several benefits of having it shipped in an enclosed auto transport trailer. These include security, privacy, and insurance protection.

Although enclosed auto transport is more expensive than open car shipping, keeping your expensive car safe during transit is worth the investment.


If you’re shipping a high-end vehicle like a Florida to New York auto transport, you must protect it from the elements. The best way to do this is with enclosed auto transport.

An enclosed trailer protects your car from errant rocks and other road debris, which can cause scratches, dings, and chips not covered by insurance. It also eliminates the risk of overhead oil dripping from above and causing damage to your car’s paintwork.

You’ll pay more for enclosed transport than for open auto transport, but its extra protection is worth it. Considering this option is especially important if you have an expensive or rare vehicle.

It’s also more difficult for thieves to tamper with your car during transportation. This added security greatly benefits many people who ship high-end or luxury vehicles.


When shipping your high-end vehicle, you want to know that your investment is safe. That’s why you must choose an enclosed auto transport carrier to protect your car throughout the trip.

There are many benefits to this type of shipping, including the fact that your car is completely protected from road debris and weather elements. You can also rest easy knowing that your car is being shipped in an enclosed trailer, so there’s no risk of theft or vandalism.

Enclosed auto transport is the perfect option for shipping rare or sensitive vehicles, high-value cars, and prototypes. It’s the best way to ensure your vehicle stays in its original condition during shipping.


If you have an expensive or classic car, you must get it to its destination in perfect condition. Enclosed auto transport is a safe, secure, and reliable shipping option.

Open auto transport is cheaper than enclosed vehicle shipping but does not protect vehicles from the elements like an enclosed trailer does. The weather can damage cars, especially if they are rare or expensive.

Another benefit of enclosed transportation is preventing unwanted passersby from tampering with the car during transport. This is important for high-end or luxury cars, as thieves often target these vehicles.

Open car carriers do not offer any protection from the weather, making it easy for thieves to steal your vehicle. Moreover, open carriers can cause scratches and dings on your vehicle during transport.

Faster Transit Time

Enclosed car carriers can move fewer vehicles simultaneously and are more efficient regarding transit times. This is why they are popular for transporting cars over short distances, such as when an expedited shipping service is required.

Another reason to choose an enclosed carrier is to protect your vehicle from weather and road debris during transport. This is particularly important if your vehicle is a rare or exotic model that is highly valuable and expensive to replace.

An enclosed carrier also provides higher protection from theft during transport. With many stolen cars on the road each year, any extra security that can be provided is worth the investment.