Are you a physician looking for a smart way to protect your financial future? Look no further than AMA Disability Insurance. Disability can strike unexpectedly, leaving you and your family in financial difficulty. But with AMA Disability Insurance, you can have peace of mind knowing you’re protected against unfortunate events. 

With a range of benefits tailored to meet the unique needs of physicians, this insurance offers a safety net that can help you maintain your lifestyle and support your loved ones in the event of a disability. So, let’s look at the different benefits of AMA disability insurance. 


1- Income Protection

If a disability prevents you from working, the AMA insurance covers a percentage of your income. With this, you can continue to fulfill your financial commitments, such as paying your mortgage, bills, and other expenses. You can also tailor your coverage with AMA Disability Insurance depending on your income and lifestyle needs by choosing from a range of benefit amounts. You can use the benefit payment for your regular expenses, medical costs, and any costs associated with your handicap.

2- Access to Financial Advisors

With AMA, you can get financial advice on future protection, financial planning, and investment methods. It includes guidance with wealth management, tax preparation, and retirement planning, assisting you in reaching your long-term financial objectives. Financial counselors can offer specially tailored recommendations based on your situation and aspirations. With the aid of this benefit, you are guaranteed to have the knowledge and tools necessary to make wise financial decisions and safeguard your financial future.

3- Competitive Pricing 

If you’re an AMA member, you qualify for lower rates on disability insurance. It is an economical solution for doctors wishing to safeguard their financial future because the savings can be pretty large. Age, gender, occupation, and state of health are just a few factors that impact the cost of coverage. However, with competitive pricing from AMA Disability Insurance, you can get the coverage you require at a price you can afford.

4- Assistance With Returning to Work

If you’re prepared to return to work following a disability, AMA Disability Insurance offers services to support your smooth transition. It includes having access to professionals in vocational rehabilitation who can assist you in locating employment compatible with your skills. The professionals in vocational rehabilitation can also provide you with instruction, training, and other tools to help you learn new skills and improve your current ones. This benefit ensures you receive the assistance you need to return to the workforce and advance your career.

5- No Medical Exam Required

The best part is you can apply for coverage without getting the doctor’s checkup. It makes getting the protection you need to safeguard your financial future simpler and more convenient. AMA Disability Insurance determines your eligibility for coverage using the data in your application and your medical records rather than a physical examination. This advantage spares you the time and expense of a medical exam.


Protecting your financial future is essential, and AMA Disability Insurance is a great option. This insurance provides a safety net to assist you and your family in the case of a disability with a selection of benefits tailored to your unique circumstances. Hence, it would be best if you didn’t think twice when deciding whether or not to get AMA disability insurance.