Your dining room is a space that has the potential to incorporate a lot of different styles and become a unique expression of your aesthetic. You can make a statement with each element, including the table, lighting and chairs. For an elegant look that can play well with other furniture types, consider mid century dining chairs for your next set.

What Defines Mid Century Dining Chairs

The mid-century modern style has made a comeback in contemporary interior design. One of the most important aspects of this design theme is the presence of clean lines. Simple silhouettes are a common feature both in mid-century architecture and furniture. In dining chairs, you’ll notice simple legs made of solid material without carvings or adornment and ergonomically shaped seats.

Some chairs can give a retro vibe, while others offer a minimalist look that blends well in many different settings. This is the appeal of a mid-century modern chair. You can find an option that works with existing aspects of your dining room to add a splash of vintage style, or you can go the extra mile and place mid-century furniture and fixtures throughout the entire room.

Features To Look for in Mid-Century Dining Chairs

As you shop for the chairs that are right for you, keep a few things top of mind. Mid-century furniture is made from a wide variety of materials and can come in many colors, so look for items that match the vision you are trying to create. When mixing mid-century with other design styles it may be good to go for chairs made of wood. The natural grain and color can be coordinated with other wood furniture.

If you are embracing the mid-century look more deeply you can be bolder with the chair choices. Explore more material options and color choices, such as metal legs or painted wood. You can create a modern yet retro space that will be a showstopper when your guests come over.

Add a Bit of Softness

Some people might hesitate to get mid-century dining chairs because of a worry that they will seem cold and uncomfortable. In reality, mid-century chairs are just as comfy as any other style. Many are made with mixed materials, incorporating a clean and simple frame with a soft cushion or seat that is perfect for long dinner parties.

Fabrics and textiles on chairs still adhere to the mid-century philosophy. They are usually one color and one material and don’t feature bold or busy patterns. You can find options with leather, vinyl or fabric. As a bonus, you can change the soft elements when you’re ready to give the chairs a new look, extending their lifespan.

Add Mid-Century Style to Your Dining Room

Bringing a mid-century modern vibe into your home can be as easy as finding the right set of mid-century dining chairs for your needs. Those clean lines, simple designs and uncomplicated fabrics will work well with any aesthetic, whether it’s mix-and-match or 100% retro. To get the right seating for your space, start shopping the collection at Poly & Bark.