A lot of people are trying to learn how to surf every year. It is common for people who have been looking at videos or pictures of surfers or the waves to want to learn how to surf. If you are one of them, are you ready to challenge yourself?

Don’t worry; I know that it can be challenging at first. But once you get the hang of it, learning how to surf can be fun and exciting. And whenever you need a break from surfing, you can check out inflatable paddle boards, which you can use to ride waves in the ocean or paddle in a calm lake. All you really need is the desire to learn, waves, a surfboard, and a wetsuit to get started.

In this article, I have some great tips that can help you surf like a pro.

Surf at the right place.

This is something that many beginners are struggling to learn. They usually can’t see the difference between one spot and another. However, asking a local who already surfs is the best way to know where to start your surfing adventure and where to avoid it. The last thing you want to do is try and learn how to surf where they have strong tides and strong waves for more advanced surfers.

Try a soft-top board.

A soft-top board often called a foamie, is popular for various reasons. The main reason is that this type of board is great for beginners due to its large size and stable build. Any beginner can use this board and have a much easier time compared to hard tops. For those in the UK, you can buy a soft-top board as well as a wetsuit from Wetsuit Centre and other leading online retailers.

Another reason why this board is popular is that beginners tend to hit their board while surfing. The soft-top board can soften the hit when that happens. If you want to maximize your time learning how to ride the waves, you should get a soft-top board. 

Learn bit by bit

Yes, the waves can look really tempting, but it’s not going to do you any good to rush in. The best advice for beginners is always to learn bit by bit. First, you can start by surfing in spots where there aren’t too many people. So go somewhere quiet and learn as much as you can. Quiet spots also mean that all the waves are always available to you.

Find the best spot on your board.

This tip is related to how you use your surfboard. A common mistake you should avoid is paddling too far back or up on your board. If you do this, the nose of the board will go into the water. This is also an important first step for beginners. If you can find the best spot, your practice sessions will be so much more comfortable, especially every time you hit the waves.

Paddle more

This is something that everyone should know. After you’ve been riding the waves enough, you should know that feeling when the water starts to lift you. Don’t stop paddling there. Instead, keep paddling so you don’t get stuck on the top of the wave. 

Keep practising

There is really no reason to stop practising unless you don’t want to get better. Here is an easy tip to improve your pop-up. First, lay your board on the beach sand. Next, practice your pop-up on your board until you get it. 

Master the whitewash

To master the whitewash, you should always stay perpendicular to the whitewash. This way, you can prevent your board from turning horizontally. In case you didn’t know already, you’re risking getting hit in the face by your board or pushed toward the shore if your board is horizontal.

Now it’s time to have fun!

Learning how to surf is a lot of fun. But of course, you will encounter some problems. Expect to wipe out sometimes, make some mistakes here and there, and get in people’s way while riding the waves. That’s okay; the key is to keep practising and have fun while you’re doing it.