Did you know that from 2018 to 2019, home buyers spent 3 days less on their house-hunting adventures? So how do you make sure that your home stands out in a sea of homes for sale?

Navigating the St. Louis real estate market can be tough and tricky, but if you’re prepared to put the work in, then selling your home can be a breeze.

From preparing your home for viewing to upping your curb appeal, we’ve got you covered with these 6 tips for selling your home fast. 

1. Review Homes in Your Area

One of the first things you have to do is spend time online looking at homes for sale in your area. Ensure that you look at homes similar to yours in terms of how many bedrooms there are, what state the property is in, and other similarities. 

Performing this step will also help you with the next step!

2. Determine Your Price

The price of your home is one element that can either ensure you sell quickly or truly hinder your sale progress. Use your research in step one to understand the unique selling points of your home and determine a fair price according to the market. 

Also, make sure you know what your bottom value is before you go to market. 

3. Spruce Up Your Curb

Curb appeal refers to the first impression that you make on potential buyers when they walk up to view your home. It’s how your house looks from the street, and simply put, does it look good?

Spend a little time and money making sure that your entrance is freshly painted and tidy, that walkways are clear, and the yard is trimmed. 

4. Accentuate Special Features

Every home has something about it that makes it special. Does your home have floor-to-ceiling wooden panels? Or perhaps your house has a uniquely built barbeque pit in the backyard? 

Whatever it is that makes your home unique, be sure to make a fuss of it! This will also get the attention of companies like FasterHouse who can make you meet your desired sale timeline!

5. Clean And Declutter 

Make an effort to clean your home from corner to corner. This isn’t just about clean surfaces and shiny floors; you’re also going to want to get rid of all the overly personal clutter that is spread throughout your house. 

Remove piles of old magazines from surface areas, pack away books that are left lying around, clear countertops, and then make sure everything is clean. 

6. Get Your Home Camera-Ready

Just as a model prepares for a glamorous photoshoot, so should you prepare to show off your home. 

Beautiful, lush, green gardens always look great on camera, so make sure your garden is ready to shine. Ensure your swimming pool is cleaned, and driveways are power washed. 

Success With St. Louis Real Estate 

Selling St. Louis Real Estate can be difficult; having said that, though, the effort you put into preparing your home for sale would directly reflect how many calls you get. 

Make sure things look clean, tidy, and organized. 

If you’re looking for more great property content, then be sure to further brose our real estate talk section; we’ve got you covered.