Did you know that less than 5% of homes in the United States use solar power instead of traditional energy? 

As signs of climate change increase, it’s becoming clear that each step toward helping the environment makes a difference. 

If you want to take a step toward going green, you should contact a solar panel installer for consultation. 

Continue reading to discover how to find solar panel installations near me that won’t be a disappointment! 

Assess Your Needs

Before searching for solar panel installations near me, you need to assess your energy needs. 

There are a few things the installers will want to know about before coming to start your project. It helps to gather utility bills to discover the average amount of energy you need to produce. The panel installer can help you determine this number if you supply them with details about your energy use. 

During this time, you should also consider where you can place the solar panels. If you want rooftop panels, you’ll need a contractor that specializes in them. 

Consider the Contractor’s Experience

If you aren’t sure who to select when you’ve come to the final 3, you should consider how many years they’ve been in service.

Selecting a solar panel installer with 3 years of experience or more is typically safe. During that time, the installers will encounter various projects at different times of the year. Each year, they gain more knowledge and confidence, especially on rooftops. 

You can ask them how many solar panel projects they’ve completed to better understand who is the most reliable. 

Ask About Incentives 

Many people are unaware, but the government will offer incentives for getting solar panel installation. 

You can read more about solar incentives or directly ask the contractors you’re considering. Since solar panel installation projects can become expensive, it helps to save every bit of money. The reason so many organizations are offering incentives is to promote sustainability. 

Going green and switching to clean energy can also become a selling point if you want to move. 

Read Reviews

Although you should always take online reviews with a grain of salt, they are a wonderful resource. 

Past, present, and future clients use review sites to share experiences and help people in their community. If you encounter reviews that are years old, try not to discount the company since they’ve gained more experience. The great thing about reviews is that there are also positive ones! 

You can ask questions and start a conversation, depending on the site. Social media is another tool for finding accurate and up-to-date reviews. 

Searching for Solar Panel Installations Near Me?

Going to solar energy comes with concerns, but when you find a reliable company, you can trust you’re in good hands. 

If you’re online searching for ‘solar panel installations near me,’ you’re on a path to going green. Switching to solar can make an impact, which is why the government and local communities are encouraging homeowners to invest. Although the costs may seem like a lot, you can find grants and assistance to cover the expense. 

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