What is Social Rebel? Is Social Rebel a scam? Is it legit? Will it be good for us to join in?

In this article, we will review a Social Rebel. This platform has recently been talked about by many people. This article will determine whether it is legit or it is just a scam site.

What is Social Rebel?

Social Rebel is an online platform that promises its users to make money online just from home. Making money online in today’s era is indeed not impossible. However, many people ask about the real way this can make money.

How to Make Money on Social Rebel?

Social Rebel has several different methods of earning such as inviting people to join, filling out surveys, and testing games or applications.

The registration process on this platform is free. You just fill in your username, email, and some other details.

Once you have successfully registered, you can immediately get a signup bonus money of $50. But all that money can never be withdrawn.

In the next step, you will be directed to directly explore the various features available on the site. Then you will directly do some tasks provided by Social Rebel.

Although it looks tempting, you will only waste your time on the platform. If you are interested in making money online, many ways can be done to do business online from home.


People who have done taking surveys online must be familiar with Survey Junkie or Vindale. In these jobs, you will be paid for all the opinions you give.

However, the survey on the Social Rebel platform is different.

This difference is not in terms of the number of surveys available on this platform. If you look closely, there may be thousands of surveys that are constantly updated every day. It doesn’t even stop 24 hours a day.

Survey qualifications on this platform also vary depending on geographical location, gender, age, and various other factors. So that the survey you do will be segmented proportionally.

There are a lot of surveys that are long and take a rather long time. For a lot of time that you spend, you will only get paid that is not worth it or we can say as a small fee.

Installing Apps and Games

You can also make money by testing several new applications and games that will be released in the marketplace. The apps and games available can certainly be used for iOS or Android. All it takes is to click on the offer and install the app.

The fee for trying to run an app or game on this platform is also quite large. But, you can’t withdraw the money directly. The money will be held for a few days before you can withdraw it.

The risk for this job is some trouble after your installation from unknown sources.

The model of earning money from how to test applications and games has long been done by some companies such as Fusion Cash.  Nonetheless, we better advise you to look for other smarter ways to create a surplus in your finances.

Referral Marketing

Referral marketing is familiar to us. There are tons of platforms that allow us to send referral codes to other people.

This system will give several bonuses to their users who successfully invite others to join. The Social Rebel platform also adopts the same way and becomes the backbone of this platform in attracting users.

It will give you a referral link that you can share with others on all social media you have. From every click people make, you can get $2 per click. If the people click on the link you shared and then register on Social Rebel, you will get $20 per registration.

This referral income seems exaggerated by Social Rebel to lure you into inviting as many people as possible. Earnings will seem much on your dashboard, but it’s impossible to withdraw all of the money.

How to Withdraw?

There are various ways to withdraw available on this platform such as PayPal, Cash App, Venmo, Bitcoin, and various other ways. However, everything is the same. Social Rebel would never pay for it.

You will experience withdrawal problems and the money will not arrive in your account or digital wallet. It’s a waste of your time. You may be late to realize this. And maybe you’ve done a lot on Social Rebel.

They will tell many reasons to you and consider that you just inviting fewer people or you have to complete other jobs. This is a tactic to ensure you stay on site.

When it comes time to withdraw your earnings, Social Rebel will state that you should wait for a long time before withdrawing all money. You will never receive payment.

Legit or Scam?

If you read this article comprehensively, you must already know the answer. Social Rebel is a big scam. You just waste your time with no payment at all from all time and dedication you give to the site. Don’t think that they rob your money. The fact is they never pay you.

This platform is not officially registered and various signs indicate that it is a fake site, such as;

  • The identity of the owner is unknown
  • The scam model similar to other Survey Sites
  • Incomplete legal documents from any regulatory service.
  • The concept of their payment does not make sense. What rich people are willing to pay two dollars per click for this simple job.

Conclusions about Social Rebel

Based on the information and some testimonials we have, Social Rebel is not worth following.  This platform will never pay you. No matter how much money appears on your financial dashboard. This is not a logical way to make money from home. There are many other jobs and business models that you can develop from home.