Company events are often a clever way to get employees together to socialize outside of work. These events usually start off strong with everyone excited to get dressed up and quickly go downhill with yawns all around. Planning for a company event requires minimal effort to make a difference in its impression, breaking the cycle of boring work events and making them something to look forward to. Consider these tips when planning the next one.

Plan For Speeches And Speakers

Scheduling in a speaker and speeches from figures of authority can be highly engaging for work events. The speakers will grab the attention of the entire audience, allowing them effectively to spread the message of the event. A successful speech will resonate with the guests and motivate them to be more productive. As well as this, learning from and listening to an inspirational individual at a work event, is great for entertaining and lifting the mood.

Hire A Bartender

Although they are often overlooked when it comes to entertainment, professional bartenders are experts in hospitality and offer a variety of skills. As well as keeping the guests’ drinks topped up, the customer service skills and communication on display will keep everyone at the event in high spirits. Plus, witnessing the art of impressive cocktail mixing is worth hiring a qualified bartender for. Explore package deals on to elevate the quality of the company event.

Incorporate Team Building Activities

A fun way to get employees socializing is by incorporating team building activities into the work event. Oftentimes, many co-workers are unfamiliar with each other and stay apart at company events, so it can help to break the ice and get everyone chatting. This requires balance, as going too far can put people off. Safe options include puzzles, brainstorming, games and contests. Choose an idea that guests will be keen to try, without feeling too out of their comfort zone.

Stay Consistent With The Goal

Company events typically occur for a set reason, whether an anniversary, fundraiser, achievement, or other exciting milestone. When planning the event, staying consistent with the goal of the event can keep it enjoyable. Guests are more likely to struggle to pay attention if the event is unorganized. For instance, an anniversary should celebrate the company achievements, a fundraiser should raise awareness, achievements should highlight the monumental moment, and other exciting milestones should be focused. Event venue, decorations and entertainment should be tailored around this for a coherent experience that is unforgettable.

When planning a company event, you want to avoid it feeling too much like work. Get people involved and intrigued by planning for speeches and speakers, hiring a bartender, incorporating team building activities, and staying consistent with the goal of the event. Entertaining the guests can be beneficial to the company with employees motivated to be productive in the workplace. Entertaining company events can be effective at building positive working relationships and will set a precedent as something to look forward to.