Fingering is a fantastic way to arouse your partner sexually. However, consider some things before you start rubbing her vagina with your fingers.

The clitoris is essential to stimulate when fingering a woman because it’s packed with nerves that can trigger orgasms. But it’s also necessary to stimulate the rest of her body if you want her to be fully aroused.


Start Slowly

Starting slowly when fingering a woman allows her to get used to the sensation of your fingers inside her. It also reassures her that things won’t progress too fast.

The key to this is making sure her vagina is lubricated. Then, as she becomes more aroused, her body secretes lubricating fluid, allowing for penetrative fingering.

One tip on how to finger a woman is to begin slowly to enable her to become accustomed to the sensation of your fingers and adjust the speed and pressure based on her reactions. Then, once she’s ready, you can work her up to the climax.

Before you begin, carefully wash your hands and wear gloves or finger cots to reduce the danger of contracting bacterial diseases. It’s essential to use latex or nitrile gloves if you’re fingering someone with a chronic STI or are partnered with someone who has been tested for STIs in the past.

When fingering a woman, focus on hitting her clitoris and G spot. These are two areas that can bring her to a mind-blowing orgasm and can potentially make her squirt. 

Focus on the Sweet Spots

When fingering a woman, focusing on the sweet spots is essential. Unfortunately, both partners often overlook this area, but it can be an extremely effective place to trigger an orgasm.

You must start with a few basic steps to find her G spot. First, insert your fingers into her vagina two knuckles deep and point toward the belly button. It is the classic two-finger hook, or “come hither.” Next, continue stroking your fingertips into the vagina, intermittently moving in a come hither motion.

The G spot is about 2 to 3 inches inside the vagina and feels bumpier than the surrounding tissue. It’s also about the size of a dime and can be quite sensitive to stimulation.

Once you’ve found her G-spot, try stroking it in a circular motion with different pressures until you feel the watery swooshing sound that indicates an orgasm is within reach. Be sure to touch her clit, too, to increase the orgasm-triggering sensations.

Another good way to stimulate the G spot is by stimulating it anally with a well-lubricated sex toy like a dildo. It can be highly pleasurable for many women, especially when combined with other clitoral stimulation during oral sex.

Some women enjoy the sensation of pushing their G spot, but it can be too much stimulation for others. Therefore, it is essential to calibrate her sensory threshold, so you can figure out which types of stimulation are most pleasurable for her.

Don’t Ignore the Clitoris

The most sensitive portion of your partner’s vulva is the clitoris. According to a 2017 study, it has more nerve endings than any other place in her body and can cause orgasms in more than one out of every three women.

But the clitoris is not the only part of the vulva that deserves care and attention. The labia minora and majora (the small and large lips of her vulva) are also crucial for pleasure.

They’re an excellent place to start, as they’re covered with sweat and sebaceous glands that help produce natural lubrication. They also have nerve endings and can help ease clitoral stimulation.

You can touch and massage these areas or try stroking her clit with your fingers or another object. But do it slowly, and don’t shock her 8,000 super-sensitive nerve endings with a sudden, intense start — that’s a surefire way to turn her off.

The clitoris is a complex structure that sits behind the vulva and connects to the urethra. It comprises several parts, including the glans clitoris (the pea-sized nub underneath the clitoral hood), crura, and bulbs.

Even though a growing number of women are petitioning medical textbooks and doctors to include more comprehensive information about the clitoris, the anatomy still largely remains unrecognized and poorly understood. It’s a shame because it could have prevented the pain and harm that so many women endure.

Don’t Overdo It

One of the most important things to remember when fingering a woman is not to overdo it. Too much hand movement can lead to painful and prolonged stimulation. To avoid this, stick to a small number of fingers.

Hands should be protected with latex or nitrile gloves. It will ensure you aren’t introducing a foreign body into your intimate space or contaminating your partner with harmful bacteria that could be transferred through your fingers.

Another way to keep your sex game on point is to incorporate some foreplay before you start fingering. It may include a little dry humping, sexy music, or even a bit of dirty talk. It will provide a more fulfilling experience and boost your chances of accomplishing your goals.