You have bought that lovely fire you have always wanted. You are loving your cosy evenings sat in front of it with a good book or film, cup of hot chocolate in hand. That is, until you need to poke the fire, add more wood, or clear it out afterward. Without the proper tools, this can take the joy out of the experience and make it feel more like hard work, or just plain messy. But if you are new to the open fireplace experience, you may wonder what it is that you need and is it worth investing in a firewood tools set. Let us start with the second one.

Is it worth investing in a firewood tools set?

The short answer is abso-flipping-lutely. To light a fire, and then ensure it keeps burning all night involves effort on your part. But without the right tools, effort becomes work. Not only that, but there is the safety aspect to think about too. As we all know, fires can be dangerous if not handled properly, so using the right tools is a must for the safety and protection of everyone in your home.

What tools do I need?

An important place to start is with tools that will be able to control the fire. A fire will never stay the same for long. Throughout your evening, there will be times when the fire is large, and times when it quietens right down. When the fire is large, you may want to control it by calming it down. When it is smaller and possibly even at risk of going out, you may want to breathe air back into it or stoke it to save it. 

You will also want tools that can control the ash. Ash can kill a fire as it chokes out the essential air. While obviously some ash is necessary, having tools to control the amount of ash will help your fire keep burning just how you want it.

The usual tools you will get as part of a set include a poker, a set of tongs and a dustpan and brush. This is the basics that you will need; you can go for sets that have more, but this is what you need at the very least. 


Having a firewood tools set is important for the maintenance and control of your fire and to make your evenings the relaxing time you imagined. But more importantly, they are a safety product that will protect everyone in your home. So if you have an open fireplace, or are considering one, make sure you get yourself a firewood tools set to go along with it.