45% of youth shooters in a recent study noticed tinnitus after firing guns. Tinnitus is a debilitating condition that can worsen with time. If you want to avoid damaging your ears, you need to wear hearing protection while shooting.

But not all shooting ear protection devices are created equal. The best hearing protection will keep your hearing safe, while cheap knockoffs won’t do much for you. You deserve the best protection money can buy.

Enter the AXIL GS Extreme earbud. This revolutionary earbud hearing protection device will keep your ears safe on the range. Read on to learn all about the best earbud hearing protection money can buy.

Why Are Earbuds the Best Hearing Protection?

In comparison to other forms of hearing protection such as those styled after earmuffs, earbuds provide a much more effective form of protection. The best earbud hearing protection molds to the shape of your ear canal.

This type of ear protection gives you total protection from the loud decibels produced while shooting firearms. They also provide a comfortable fit that doesn’t hinder your performance, or appearance, on the range.

What Sets the Axil GS Extreme Apart?

The Axil GS Extreme shooting hearing protection system is one of the most functional ones available to modern gun enthusiasts. The following reasons make the Axil GS Extreme your best choice in hearing protection.

50% More Effective Than Other Methods

The Axil GS Extreme eliminates any sound over 85 decibels. This is the range at which your hearing will get compromised. The Axil GS Extreme is 50% more effective at reducing decibels than any conventional earmuff protection.

All harmful noises are reduced by at least 29 decibels by this state-of-the-art hearing protection system. If you want the most effective hearing protection system on the market, the Axil GS Extreme is your top choice.

Other Noises Are Still Clear

On the range, you want to be able to have important discussions with other nearby shooters. The Axil GS Extreme doesn’t eliminate sounds like talking, allowing you to hear what your partners are saying.

Even though the sound of your guns will be reduced, you can still discuss tactics without any auditory disturbance. Using the Axil is the ultimate combination of hearing what you need to, and blocking what you don’t

Bluetooth Capability

All Axil GS Extreme earbuds are equipped with Bluetooth. You can have easy discussions with someone across the range while still keeping your hearing safe.


The Axil GS Extreme comes with three guarantees. The first is an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied, you can turn your earbuds in for a full refund.

Next is the one-year exchange guarantee which allows you to trade in your worn pair for a new one after one year. Finally is the three-year trade-in guarantee which allows you to do the same thing after three years.

Protect Your Ears With the Best

Your sense of hearing is a vital part of your life worth defending. Only trust the best hearing protection while you are on the range. It is well worth getting the best to keep your hearing intact.

Use the information in this guide to purchase your best option in hearing protection today. Our website is a wealth of information. Make sure to spend a bit of time each day checking out what new content we have posted!