Have you ever felt tired for days on end and not received a revival, no matter how much you slept? This feeling of tiredness and lethargy may also deprive you of motivation, productivity, and creativity. Feeling chronically fatigued is a way of your body crying for help, which often goes unheard. Today, this article will help you decode seven reasons why you may feel tired always and how to remedy it easily.

  1. Inappropriate dietary choices: There are several benefits that you can reap from a healthy and balanced diet. If you’re not eating well, or are indulging in too much junk food, your body may stress itself out trying to digest complex foods. Cutting out refined flour, saturated fats, and other ingredients that you may have an intolerance for. If you feel like your stomach acid levels are higher than normal, make sure to add more anti-inflammatory and cooling ingredients to your meals for a change in your energy levels.
  • Hormonal imbalances: Our bodies are ruled by hormones and play a larger role than we perceive. If you have been feeling tired for over two to three weeks, it’s time to get your levels checked. For men, having testosterone lab work done can quickly determine whether or not their levels have depleted. Experiencing a decline in the male hormone can reduce your muscle density, bone strength, motivation, and emotional stability. However, a hormonal deficiency diagnosis can help you take corrective measures such as supplements or a hormonal replacement process that can return you to your previously upbeat state.
  • Low nutritional intake: There are several implications of not having enough nutrients in your body. Vitamins and minerals play an important role in the optimal functioning of your body, so much so that every process depends on them. From your physical health to your mental health, all of it can be costly impacted if you’re deficient in certain vitamins. One reason for experiencing constant tiredness and lethargy may be your iron, zinc, and vitamin B12 levels. The best advice would be to get a bloodwork report that detects any such conditions so that you can recover quickly.
  • Poor lifestyle and schedule: In 2022, life is as fast-paced as ever, and all of us are struggling to keep up with it. If you’re feeling like you’re trying to ride a boat into an incoming current, chances are that you’re heading toward burnout. Feeling tired due to a hectic lifestyle can damage your overall productivity and self-esteem, which then sets off a domino effect. For instance, constantly scrolling on social media is one of the quickest ways to reach a state of mental overwhelm without even noticing. Cut down on these habits one by one and slowly watch your energy spike up.
  • Bad sleep hygiene: If you’re working a challenging job and don’t get enough sleep, must we say anything further? There are ways in which you can feel constantly tired but still perform productively in a capitalist society- all of which require you to sacrifice your rest. Getting a good night’s sleep is not only essential for your energy retention, but also regular detoxing, memory enhancement, problem-solving, and improved immunity. When you don’t sleep for 7-8 hours a night, you’re making your body more vulnerable, which is why compromising on snooze time should no longer be an option. Sleeping and waking up at a consistent time every day will also help you adjust your circadian rhythm which can keep your energy flowing seamlessly.
  • Chronic stress: When your body releases cortisol and adrenaline continuously for a long period of time, you’re subjected to constant stress. Not only can this rite out your adrenal glands but also results in chronic fatigue which takes a long time to recover from. The dangerous aspect of simmering in chronic stress is that it is a gateway to mental health disorders. Addressing your stressors and getting organized around them can help you quickly recalibrate your life in a way that reduces some of the pressure.
  • Mental health illnesses: As mentioned in the point above, chronic stress is a doorway to mental health disorders. Many professionals and students alike experience depression, anxiety, and other conditions due to their overall life which seems very heavy. This heaviness is also created due to a lack of rest and mental safety. Remedying it with therapy and medication is the easiest way to become a healthier person.

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Wrapping Up:

Now that you know what helps you heal from fatigue and tiredness, which reasons do you think apply to you? Make sure that you address them thoroughly to make deep repairs that can sustain your vitality in continuity. For more such informative articles, stay tuned to our blog!