Many people in New Zealand shift to the United Kingdom every year, motivated by better job opportunities, a higher standard of living, advanced healthcare, and an excellent education system.

And it is not just New Zealanders that move to Britain every year. Many British expatriates, too, seek to return to renew their family ties after having spent a long time away from them. Or, they might have completed their work and look forward to returning home.

But moving has its fair share of challenges and difficulties. You need to gather your belongings, ensure they are securely packed, book a shipping container service, and ensure you are there to receive these when they arrive.

Rather than handling the relocation process yourself, consider hiring a moving and relocation expert company that will take care of the arrangements, from packaging to providing storage solutions.

Most people relocating from New Zealand prefer hiring moving experts because they are unaware of the laws and regulations related to UK imports and customs. Hiring movers makes their job easier, as they are familiar with the laws.

What are some essential questions regarding these services that give you an idea about them? Read on to find out.

How do they pack your belongings?

When moving from New Zealand to the UK, you will have expensive belongings that require careful packaging. Moving companies have a team of trained professionals that are experts in packing glassware, antiques, fragile ceramics, and expensive furniture.

They will custom wrap your furniture, use high-quality paper for fragile items, and speciality cartons for bicycles, television, and similar items.

Before they use any material for packing purposes, ask the movers if any laws restrict its usage. New Zealand banned single-use plastic bags in 2019 and those with a thickness of fewer than 70 microns.

Do they help with disassembling?

Some items require disassembling while relocating from one place to another. These include wall panels, dining room tables, bed frames, and sectional sofas. Moving experts will take care of the disassembling, ensuring the strictest safety and precaution during the process.

However, before hiring a moving company, you should ask them beforehand if they provide disassembling services and how much they charge. Disassembling charges cost between 100 to 200 NZD, depending on the item’s size.

What storage solutions do they provide?

You might have some items you may not immediately require while relocating to the UK. Relocation companies have long and short-term storage facilities such as warehouses with purpose-built storage modules and steel containers with state-of-the-art security systems.

Further, once you arrive in the UK and require some or all of your stored items, you can request the movers to ship your items safely at a specified location.

Do they assist with pet relocation?

For people with pets, these organisations are helpful because they provide pet relocation services, including veterinary monitoring and boarding. They will design an efficient pet transport solution that allows you to take your pet with you without difficulties.

Some pet services they provide are flight booking, pet itinerary, arranging travel crates, access to veterinary services, and information on the quarantine arrangement.

The government of the UK allows people from New Zealand to bring their pets along provided it has been microchipped and received vaccination against rabies. You should also have a valid health certificate of your furry babies.

If you have a dog, it should have undergone treatment for tapeworms. The laws also require you to fill out a declaration form stating your intentions of not selling it or transferring its ownership.

You should know these things before moving from New Zealand to the UK. Hiring a professional relocation service makes the process stress free, easy, and convenient.