Could clutter be draining your energy?

When your home’s in disarray, you’re more likely to be stressed and distracted. Your mind isn’t all that suffers, though. People with highly cluttered homes are also 77% more likely to be overweight.

If you’re ready to transform your home, or you’re moving into a new space, this article’s for you. We’ll help you review 2 of the best storage options, so you can finally reclaim your space.

When choosing between a storage facility and a self storage container, what’s the right way to go? Read on to find out.

Self Storage Facility 

When comparing a self-storage facility to a moving pod, what’s the main difference? Moving pods are more short-term, whereas a self-storage facility is like an extension of your house’s garage.

You’ll be keeping all of your extra items in a secured location for as long as you like. Many self-storage facilities provide month-to-month contracts, so you only have to pay for the time you need.

When you’re looking to declutter your home or just need a little bit of extra room before a move, self-storage facilities are a great solution. You can also use a self-storage facility to store seasonal items. Winter clothing, Christmas decorations, and even recreational vehicles can be kept at the facility. Whatever you need it for, Storage Post has you covered. Check out their offers and see if you can find a plan that suits your need.

What Size Unit Do You Need?

The price of your storage self storage unit at the facility is going to be based on size. If you don’t want to overpay for space that you don’t wind up using, make sure you pick a perfectly sized storage unit. 

One of the best ways to determine exactly how much size you’ll need is by doing an inventory of all your belongings. Count how many boxes you’ll be storing, along with any furniture and appliances.

Make a note of any strangely shaped items, such as pieces of art. When you have a full inventory, you can reach out to a self-storage facility. Let one of the professional team members know that you’d like them to recommend a size and provide your inventory information.

Self Storage Container

Now let’s dive into what a self storage container is all about! You may hear self-storage containers referred to as portable storage containers or moving pods. Storage containers are giant metal units that are completely portable.

You’ll be able to load the storage container all on your own, without having to leave the comfort of your home. The portable storage containers are weatherproof. You can leave the pods outside, without worry, throughout the moving process.

To maintain their resiliency, a lot of companies opt for steel-framed moving containers. There’s also going to be a lock and key on the container to give you added security.

In certain situations, you might find a moving container company that offers wood-framed containers. Wood frames containers are excellent as long as they use weatherproof covering.

Along with picking the type of materials you want, you’ll also need to look for a company that can accommodate the size of the container you need. It’s common for small moving containers to hold about a room to 2 rooms of furniture.

If you have a small furnished apartment, a small container could probably fit everything in it. Large moving containers can hold anywhere from 4 bedrooms of furniture or more.

Depending on the sizes that the company offers, you might have to rent more than one container. Don’t worry if you’re not sure how many containers you’ll need to fit all of your stuff.

Many companies will let customers rent as many moving containers as they want, and if you don’t use some of them, they won’t charge you for them. 

How Do Self Storage Pods Work?

Let’s say you decide you want to use a portable moving container. What will the rental process look like? Each company will have its unique approach to satisfying its customers. 

However, you’ll notice there’s a lot of similarity in the ways portable storage container companies operate. Several days before the move, you’ll receive the storage containers at your home.

You’ll have a few to load up the containers with all of your belongings. Once the storage containers are fully packed, you can contact the company to come and pick them up.

You can think of storage containers as a hybrid do-it-yourself move. You’ll be doing all of the packing and unpacking, but the storage company will help move your materials. 

After taking the portable container away from your home, the company will deliver it to one of two places. First, you can request that the belongings be delivered to your new residence. If you’re not ready to move into your new home, then you can have the storage pod housed at the company’s facility. 

Once you know the moving date for your new home, you can contact the company to schedule a delivery. Instead of having to go and pick up your stuff from the facility, it’ll go straight to the doorstep of your brand new home.

What if You Need Long-term Storage for a Move? 

A lot of portable storage pod companies can accommodate long-term storage needs too. After taking the storage container away from your house, they’ll transport it directly to one of their facilities. The storage container will stay at the facility until you provide the company with a delivery address. 

What Choice Is Right for You?

As you can see, both storage options are plentiful, depending on your situation. Are you getting ready to make a big move?

For big moves, a self storage container is a way to go. If you’re not going anywhere and simply need a spot to store your extra items, you’ll need a self-storage facility.

Whatever choice you wind up going with, picking the right size is the most crucial part. Take a moment now to call storage facility representatives to get their recommendation on sizing. For more insights, see what the rest of our blog has to offer.