Part of the experience for both new e-cigarette users and people who have been vaping for a while now is being part of the vaping community; and as the owner or manager of a vape shop, customer interaction could not be more important.

As the proprietor of a vape shop, providing a high and personable level of customer service and engagement makes for an enjoyable transaction for both you and your customers.

So, with that being said, here is some valuable help and advice for running a vape shop and educating customers on taking care of their e-cigarette and associated accessories.

Market Your Shop in the Right Way

By far the most inexpensive and more than likely, most effective way of marketing and promoting your vape business is to utilize your various official social media pages.

Even if you have launched your shop with a friend or partner and are therefore enjoying creating this new venture with someone you love, you still need to apply a professional filter to all the content you post.

Yes, a more informal and social presence on Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram will make you appear more personable to regular and local customers alike, but you still need to remain professional to ensure everyone knows that you are responsible e-cigarette sellers.

Partner with Local Businesses

There are numerous advantages to teaming up with another small business in your local town or city, as long as the partnership is mutually beneficial, which can be achieved by ensuring the products or services that both stores provide complement each other.

Fundamentally, local business partnerships increase the overall footfall of customers for both companies, and by working together, you can both enjoy higher profits and a more active and social connection with customers.

Other fundamental benefits to partnering with local businesses include, amongst a host of others, the following:

  • Improved levels of communication in the local community
  • A way to expand and grow the products you offer
  • Access to technology and even software solutions you previously had no experience with
  • A fantastic way of increasing the overall visibility of your brand

Only Buy Quality E-Liquid

You will already be more than familiar with the wide range of cheap (and therefore, questionably made) e-liquids on the market, especially on a wholesale level.

This is why it is absolutely essential to conduct thorough research into the supplier and indeed, the manufacturer of the vaping liquids you buy in for your shop; so be sure to choose high-quality e-liquids from JM Wholesale.

Simple ways to ensure that the e-liquid you are buying is of the highest quality and will provide a safe and of course, enjoyable, experience for the user include making sure each line has the right balance of PG and VG bias.

Vape liquids containing a PG bias ensures that, with each inhalation, the vape liquid when burnt will hit the back of the throat in the same way in which a cigarette does, and therefore is usually the preferred choice for those who are giving up smoking.

Conversely, vape liquids with a higher VG bias, when burnt, produce a considerably larger vape cloud during the exhalation process and offer virtually no impact on the throat.

VG and PG ratios are important for not only changing the experience of the vaping process, but also to make sure each different type of liquid is suited to the vaping unit.

Vape liquids with a 50/50 balance between the VG and PG are usually suitable for the vast majority of e-cigarette kits and vaping units. Vape liquids containing over half PG should only be used with vaping kits with a higher ohm resistance than 1; and those liquids with a higher level of VG should only be used with kits with less than 1 ohm resistance.

Focus Upon Your USP

Every shop, regardless of the nature of the business, should have a unique selling point (USP), but contrary to popular belief, this does not need to have any connection to the products themselves.

Instead, perhaps it could be the story of why you founded your vape business in the first place, which could well be entirely different to most of the other nine thousand vape shops currently trading in the United States.

Perhaps you could start to stock new and more unusual flavors of e-liquid, such as smoky bacon, blue cheese, or even freshly cut grass? Instead, maybe you could specialize on targeting your vape kits to a particular section of society, or even just ensure you become known for your incredible personable and helpful levels of customer service.