I moved to Mexico City back in 2016 along with my good friend Rose Burillo, and we have stayed here ever since. Something which I have enjoyed most during that time has been traveling through the country and exploring as many parts of it as I possibly could. I have to be honest, there is so much still left for me to see, and many states which I am yet to visit. It is understandable why so many people come to Mexico and simply enjoy the beach of a city break, but here is why I would always recommend that people do some traveling around when they hit Mexico. 

Low Cost Travel 

Domestic air travel is seriously cheap in this country and right there is a good enough reason to get out and about when you visit here. To give you an example, it costs just $50 to fly from Mexico City to Cancun, which is a flight that takes 3 hours each way. There is no doubt that with these low costs, you can visit multiple destinations in the country without spending very much money at all. 

So Varied 

There are many countries around the world which you could visit, that honestly look quite similar no matter where you go. Of course there is always going to be some level of variation as to different destinations, but in the main things tend to stay the same. This is absolutely not the case when it coms to Mexico, a country which offers so much by way of variety. Depending on where you go you could be on the beach, in the jungle, on dry planes or even in the desert, there is just so much to explore, no matter what it is that you enjoy doing

Historical Value 

Mexico is absolutely steeped in many years of rich culture and throughout the ages there have been many ancient civilizations which have called this place home. This is what I absolutely love about traveling around the country, there is so much history to be found here. The Mexican government have done a great job over the years of protecting this history and that is why there is still so much of it for tourists to explore and enjoy. 

Stunning Nature 

As much as I love the towns, the food and the people of Mexico, what I love far more is the range of diverse and stunning nature that you can find as you travel though. Waterfalls, lush forests, amazing wildlife and aces of untouched land which is just waiting for you to explore it. Each place I go to, even the cities, have such a fascinating amount of things to explore and incredible scenery which you will just be amazed by. 

If you are coming to spend some time in Mexico I would urge you to open your mind to the possibility of visiting multiple places in a single trip, you won’t regret it.