When it comes to photography as a hobby there is a wide range of subjects and image types which you could choose from. Some for example like to pick portraits and will focus on those as the subject matter, others will look for urban landscapes and snap the built-up world around us. For professionals in the business like Robert Testagrossa however, it is  nature which really calls the attention. 

Those within photography often say that the natural world is one of the best kind of shots to take, and they will often go on long trips to find some of the world’s finest settings in which to take shots. Here is why this is general considered to be the best kind of subject for photos. 

The Beauty of the World 

The reality is that the natural world is the most beautiful art that has ever been created, and the colors and shapes which you will find in nature are simply breathtaking. This is why some of the world’s most iconic photos have been taken in nature, because even the intelligence of humans is not able to create the level of beauty which is found out there in the world. 

The Challenge of Nature 

For anyone who has ever set eyes on a beautiful waterfall or valley, or perhaps even an animal doing amazing things, the image which usually comes out doesn’t even reflect 10% of what you saw with your very eyes. Those in photography perfectly understand this and it is why taking these kind of images is such a challenge. There is a certain knack to being able to take an image which truly reflects the beauty, the colors and the imagery which we see in the natural world, and this is what keeps bringing people back to this kind of photography, again and again. 


You are far more likely to find little surprises when you are traveling and taking images throughout the natural world, than you would do if you were in an urban setting or any other setting for that matter. This is very true of wildlife images too, and if you go on a wildlife photography tour you are going to be treated to some amazing events which really help you to take some incredible shots of amazing moments which occur. There are always surprises out there, you just need to ensure that you are there when they happen. 

Ever Changing 

The natural world doesn’t stay the same for long and as the seasons come and go, the imagery around us changes drastically. This means that there is even more opportunity for amazing photos and great images which will seriously help you to improve your photography skills and which will help you in capturing some seriously impressive photos. 

If you are new to photography, this is the holy grail of images that you should most certainly be working towards. Get out there in the world and see what you can take.