Are you considering retiring in Spain? Spain is a country with a rich history and culture which makes it perfect for enjoying your retirement years.

It should come as no surprise that you’ll come across many retirees in Spain. But how do you go about retiring in Spain?

How do you ensure you make a smooth transition to your new life? After all, you want to ensure that there’s as little hassle as possible.

This short guide will help you prepare to retire in Spain from the USA. Here’s what you need to know.

Buy Property

If you want to enjoy Spain and secure a residency permit, one of the best methods is to buy property.

If you have to worry about the hassle of moving into different hotel rooms every month then you’ll add extra strain to the emigration process. If you buy property, you’re showing the Spanish government that you have intentions to retire in the country.

You’ll also find that a property adds to the experience of living in Spain. If you choose the right neighborhood, you can meet other retirees. You can use a website such as to find luxury properties in Spain.

Visit Your Embassy

Before you fly to Spain, it’s always best to visit your local embassy to inquire about emigration.

For Americans, it’s often easier to express your interest in retiring before arriving in Spain. In many cases, you’ll have to apply at an embassy first before you can get approved for a residency permit.

If you fly to Spain and apply from there, you might be required to leave the country while your application is being reviewed. To save yourself the hassle, it’s always best to apply ahead of time.

Make sure you also book an appointment at your embassy. As Spain is a popular destination for retirees, you likely won’t be able to walk in and apply for residency.

Immerse Yourself

If you want to enjoy your retirement in Spain then you’ve got to immerse yourself in the country.

While many expats can survive on English, you want to learn Spanish to fully enjoy the country. Don’t worry about becoming fluent at first. You want to learn enough to interact on a basic level with locals.

Make sure you also explore the different restaurants and supermarkets in your chosen city. This will give you an idea of where you’ll feel most comfortable spending your time.

You also want to spend as much time in Spain as possible. You should spend this time determining the best places to retire in Spain.

To know if you’ll love to retire in a place try to spend a year in the country without leaving it!

Retiring in Spain Is a Dream Come True

For many retirees, retiring in Spain is a fantasy but with this guide, you can make yours a reality!

You want to first start by looking at properties. This can help you with your residency permit and can help you get settled in the country.

Make sure you visit your local Spanish embassy to inquire about how to apply for a residency permit. Once you reach Spain, make sure you immerse yourself in the culture so you can enjoy your new life!

You can find even more tips on retiring in Spain on our website!