Instead of fitting a brand-new kitchen, homeowners are now deciding to replace their countertops to give the room a fresh, new look. However, with the wide range of materials on the market, it’s difficult to know which to choose.  One of the most popular choices is granite, thanks to its timeless beauty and impressive durability (to name just a few of the benefits), but you may be wondering if it is truly worth the investment. This blog will tell all as we’re going to look at some of the reasons why you should consider choosing natural granite as your kitchen countertop choice.

·        It’s durable – no stains or scratches

One of the biggest benefits of granite is that it’s an extremely durable material. It’s heat resistant (meaning it won’t mark or weaken when exposed to hot pans or trays) and is also unlikely to scratch or stain. So, when it comes to investment purposes, you can be assured that you’ll be getting great value for money as it should last you for decades.

·        Easy to clean

While some kitchen surfaces are stain-resistant, there are those which are more porous and trap dirt and germs. When preparing and cooking food, hygiene is a priority, therefore you need a surface that can be cleaned easily to be clear of germs and bacteria. Thanks to granite’s smooth texture, it can be wiped down without difficulty with warm, soapy water. Then dry off with a microfiber cloth to prevent unsightly water marks when reflected against the light.

·        There are plenty of colorways to choose from

When installing a new kitchen, you may have a specific color scheme in mind. Sometimes, countertop tones can make it difficult to achieve your exact vision; however, granite comes in a variety of hues, making it easy to match with your overall aesthetic. If in any doubt, it would always be worth seeing the slab physically before placing your order. Color tones can show up differently in photographs and can vary between slabs. By visiting Legacy Countertops, you can see the large scope of granite colors on offer.

·        Is an affordable option

Unlike popular belief, granite isn’t as expensive as you may think. While the actual cost may vary depending on your supplier and the quality of the slab, the expense is much cheaper than most other materials on the market. Interestingly, more expensive surfaces will have to be replaced multiple times over the lifetime of granite, so it’s certainly worth the investment.

·        Adds value to your home

As kitchens are the most valuable room in any property, buyers always consider the condition of the kitchen during a viewing – and especially countertops. Granite is considered a luxury material and can become a major selling point of a house sale.If you wish to renovate your kitchen soon, think about your future plans. If you’re considering selling up, it would be worth keeping the buyer in mind to improve your property’s value and appeal.