Are you looking for a safe, reliable investment in these uncertain times? Precious metals can be an excellent way to begin, holding their value during any economic crisis or downturn. Who would not want to safeguard their wealth in the event of uncertainty?

Starting to invest can be tough, as there are a number of ways it can be done. Below, we give our must-know guide to precious metal investments.

Gold Precious Metal Investments

Gold is extremely precious and has been throughout time. Not only is it prized due to its rarity, but it also has a unique chemical makeup. Its conduction of heat and electricity, along with its malleability and toughness against rust and corrosion has made it one of the best precious metals to invest in. 

The value of gold tends to be less impacted by the laws of supply and demand. When a new gold mine is found, the amount is very small compared to the amount of gold that already exists in the world. Therefore, it tends to be a more stable investment as prices change as and when people decide to sell. 

For this reason, it is sought out when banks and financial institutions need stability. In times of inflation, gold is often one asset that will keep a consistent value. 


Silver is still valuable, but as it has more uses in industrial applications, its price is more volatile. It is hoarded as a store of wealth in the same way as gold, but when industrial supply and demand exerts influence, it can shift. This is particularly apparent when new innovations come to light.

As it is used in many appliances such as superconductors, batteries, and microcircuits, it has seen a particular boom in the last year. This is due to investment taking place in green technologies, such as electric car batteries and solar panels.

Buying Bullion

One of the oldest and most trusted ways to invest in precious metals is with bullion. This is physical gold or silver, often in the form of coins or bars. While it does not produce any revenue, its value is held and you will always have it to hand.

The downside is that you have to store it somewhere. If you have gold or silver in any amount, you need to safeguard it, and the more you have the more security and storage costs will escalate. 

Exchange-Traded Funds

Exchange-Traded Funds (ETF) are a very easy way to invest in precious metals. The greatest advantage of them is that they are much more liquid than bullion, and you can take out your investment at any time. if you do not want to store metals, this option may be right for you

Their expenses are also becoming cheaper, as many of them are moving to digital transactions and functions. If they have any downside, is it that they do not have the hard, physical asset that precious metals themselves do. In times of economic collapse or downturn, they may not be as easy to trade as gold or silver. 

Choosing a Time to Invest

Choosing the correct time to create precious metal investments is down to you. You can study the markets, to look for times prices drop. However, you must realize that any investment does incur some form of risk. 

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