Joe Rogan, a famous podcaster and UFC commentator accidentally scared his guest due to his question about what makes portobello mushrooms dangerous. His guest that night was Paul Stamets, who is a mycologist and an entrepreneur. Naturally, as a mycologist, Paul studies various fungi. And during his time as a guest that night, he was talking about portobello mushrooms but suddenly refused to answer Joe’s question.

The conversation started with a claim made by Paul. He stated that portobello mushrooms have a glaring problem. And that all mushrooms should be cooked before being consumed, especially for portobello mushrooms, which should be cooked at very high temperatures.

Joe Rogan then asked Paul about the reason behind this fact. Paul then explain what agaritines is. He stated that there is a group of compounds called agaritines. Agaritiens are hydrazines that are unstable when heated. Therefore, you should always cook portobello mushrooms at high temperatures. If you cook them well, these mushrooms are not going to be dangerous. However, if you don’t cook them well, these hydrazines could cause problems.

Paul also added that portobello mushrooms have many beneficial compounds that could balance or even outweigh the negative effects that hydrazines bring. However, we still don’t know for sure yet.

Rogan then asked him about what could be so dangerous about this. At this moment, Paul could be seen being uncomfortable, then he said that answering this question could put his life in danger, so he refused to answer it.

That episode sparks debates, arguments, and even new conspiracy theories about portobello mushrooms. Rogan didn’t want to pester Paul about this, so he just moved on. But the fans are still curious about this.

So what are the negative effects of portobello mushrooms?

Paul Stamets portobello mushrooms dangerous conversation was really interesting. He is an author and advocate of mycoremediation and medicinal fungi, so he knows a lot about fungi including things that the public don’t know about. What he doesn’t know is that it will only make people more curious about portobello mushrooms. In fact, many people had already made their own theories – some are ridiculous, and some are believable.

paul stamets portobello

Many fans of Joe Rogan on Twitter and Reddit have been talking about this episode for a while now. Most people are still talking about the carcinogenic property of agaritines. Some people mentioned that agaritines in portobello mushrooms could cause cancer. Others also mentioned that Paul refused to answer because it could destroy the mushroom industry.

An example of ridiculous conspiracy theory of portobello mushrooms is that some people believe that hydrazines are used as rocket fuel. So Paul refused to elaborate this to not destroy the industry that manufactures rocket fuel.

Another example that is more believable is a theory that claims that the portobello mushroom industry is controlled by the mafia and cartels. Speaking about this would cause trouble to everyone involved. One user on Twitter says that the portobello mushroom industry in the US is controlled by organized crime.

what are the negative effects of portobello mushrooms

Anyway, it’s been five years since the episode aired. We still don’t know why Paul refused to answer Rogan’s questions as he doesn’t want to talk about it again.