Whatever the size of your bathroom may be, there are tons of decisions that you must make when renovating it. Planning makes a lot of difference to the overall look. Creative designing will ensure that your bathroom remodeling offers a space that you can love for the long term.

Choosing an unsuitable mirror

A mirror is essential in a bathroom. It provides you with reflection and offers a significant impact on the feel and look of your washroom. A few bathrooms have mirrors in place of decorative pieces. However, there’s a risk of using a mirror that is unsuitable. If the size is wrong or the location is terrible, the style does not match the bathroom’s overall look.

When choosing mirrors, remember that enormous mirrors give a feeling of openness and make the area look spacious.

The usual size of a bathroom mirror varies according to the width of the sink countertop surface; with pedestal sinks and spaces that don’t permit more expansive mirrors, opt for a mirror that is at least bigger than the basin.

Your bathroom space can look confined and limited when the mirror is small. If the basin, vanity, and mirror proportions don’t match, the entire area can look dull. 

Poor positioning of the toilet

Nothing is more awkward than using a toilet right behind the door. Unless you use the lavatory in an airplane or RV, ensure the toilet gets placed in space from the bathroom door. In principle, try positioning it away so that it is not immediately prominently visible from the bathroom door.

Even the space surrounding the toilet plays a prominent role. Your washroom may feel restricted if there is no acceptable clearance between the surrounding area and the bathroom.

Substandard placement of bathroom door

When placing the bathroom door, it is essential to ensure that it does not swing right in front of the toilet. It should not either confine the space surrounding the bathroom sink.

Further, door hinges should also get placed carefully, keeping the opening in mind. If multiple individuals share the bathroom and occupy it simultaneously (preparing for work or school), door angles are essential to avoid bumping.

Utilizing the wrong material

Bathrooms are prone to plenty of wear and tear. It is a space used consistently and constantly, withstanding moisture for prolonged times. Opt for materials that are easy to clean and are durable to resist water. Using cheap or wrong materials for fixtures and repairs can damage the place. You may even end up spending on renovation in shorter periods.

Selecting the wrong fixtures 

It is essential to understand that your bathroom’s plumbing system and fixtures are compatible. The right sink for your washroom can change its entire vibe and look. Choose a sink that goes with the materials, showers, and other fixtures to give it a complete, attractive look. Different types of sinks are suitable for different spaces available. It is not a good idea to select a basin or fixture that does not go well with the bathroom’s plumbing, area, or other factors.

Failing to consider other finishes

Chrome finishing is a popular and common choice for many. Bathroom designs get filled with chrome finishes. However, you must understand that other varieties of finishes are also available. You can try experimenting or opt for something different like gold, white, black, or copper finish.

Gold finish adds a luxurious touch to your bathroom and gives a feeling of a high-end hotel lavatory. Black is perfect for boosting a designer scheme, and copper indulges in a chic vibe. 

Not giving a personality to your space

Your bathroom essentially does not need to be plain white. Do not fear experimenting or going bold with textures, patterns, and surfaces. The more creative you are with your space, the more it will give your bathroom a personality.

No proper lighting

Ensure that you use considerable lighting to illuminate your space. Bathroom lighting requires a similar lighting layer as a kitchen. However, make sure that you add lighting over places that may need more illumination. Placing good lighting over showers and mirrors is a good idea.

Despite big windows present in your bathroom, illumination is of significance. Natural light is not always present; thus, design the lighting as if there are no windows in the space.

Lack of ventilation

Lack of ventilation can cause health hazards. Rotting materials and mildew are prone to develop through the years. Humidity can also increase mold chances as there is no escaping route.

Even with big bathroom windows, proper ventilation is essential. You can install a ventilation fan to draw the moisture out of the bathroom.

No proper storage

A common challenge that most people face during bathroom renovation includes storage issues. With small spaces and various items to store, creative storage for maximum length becomes necessary.

Avoid adding anything over the toilet except for storage cabinets or shelves. It further becomes a problem if you have almost little wall space. You can also place hooks at the door to hang clothing and towels. Another storage blunder is using long vanities that have plenty of doors.

Not designing according to the flow

Spaces appear to have more room when a creative continuity gets followed. When you break down the surface with various patterns and textures, the flow interrupts, and the space gets subjected to look compact.

Avoid opting for different wall colors, mid-wall borders, and patterns if you have a small bathroom. Different patterns and textures for an additional wall produce a less-inviting appearance. An obsolete backdrop with lighting layers and bold fixtures can present creative appeal to your area. You can match the tiles on the walls and the floor to create continuity and space. You can even add two or more drawers for storage efficiency.

Designing a bathroom takes careful planning. Thus, avoid a few basic mistakes to create a stylish space that meets your comfort! In the end, the bathroom is a space where you spend plenty of time relaxing.