Designing your outdoor living space can be really fun and beneficial for everyone. You can relax while enjoying the open space while enjoying other activities like reading a book, drinking tea, or having a conversation with someone. To make sure your outdoor living is as comfortable and exciting as possible, here are some makeover ideas for all budgets. 

Experiment with outdoor lights

Speaking of outdoor lights, there are so many options that they are begging to be picked. Some great experiments you can do are tiki lights, eco-friendly lighting, chandelier, garden lights, and more. Tiki lights, if placed strategically, can make your outdoor space looks more stunning at night. As for eco-friendly lighting, it is self-explanatory. Place it in a walkway or around your garden, and you’ll have an eco-conscious space around your house.

I have also seen some great ideas for garden lights. The best one I’ve seen is using garden lights to create a walkway in the backyard. These garden lights are a good price too and can be bought in bulk. You don’t need a powerful garden light at all for this purpose, since you are going to place multiple lights.

Outdoor cinema space

Let’s start with an awesome idea that many people don’t know about, outdoor cinema space. Yes, you can definitely set up your own outdoor cinema space where you can invite people to watch movies together. The trick here is simple, hang some outdoor lights, set up an outdoor projector, and put some cozy outdoor cushions or chairs. Don’t forget a table for snacks, and you are good to go. Considering how good projectors are nowadays, you can get a decent one for a good price now.

Poolside area

If you have the space and budget and live somewhere with hot summers, why not get a swimming pool? It could be a great investment for your already-amazing home. And believe me, a swimming pool would become the main spot of your entertaining space instantly. Everyone would love to swim there, especially during the summer.

Don’t forget to elevate your swimming pool area with pool benches, an outdoor grill, and more. There are also many great pool ideas if you are tired of the old rectangle pool design. Examples are infinity pool, saltwater pool, and zero-entry pool.

Social front yard

When it comes to designing your outdoor living space, you are not limited to the backyard. You can elevate your front yard with a social front yard design. The main idea here is to make your front yard as comfortable and inviting as possible. A spot in front of your house where your friends and family can sit down and relax.

Start by expanding your porch or adding more seating areas to create a bigger social space. Don’t forget to plant some nice flowers to elevate your porch further. This idea is also great for people with smaller backyards.

Exclusive grill zone

Hosting a cookout is really fun and exciting. Food is a great way to make everyone feels relaxed and comfortable. You have plenty of options when it comes to outdoor grills, from a standalone grill to an entire outdoor kitchen set. Building an entire outdoor kitchen may take a while to finish, but this can be a nice project for your backyard. Once completed, you can host a cookout and grill to your heart’s content.

Secret garden

I know that many people are immediately thinking of gardens when they hear about outdoor living spaces. If you love greens, why not turn your backyard into a secret garden. Landscaping around a stone walkway, creating visual appeal with various flowers, or planting tall shrubbery can be a great way to start.


Designing your outdoor living space can be a lifelong plan that you can always change and innovate. And the payoff is going to be worth it. Imagine an exclusive space where you can calm your mind whenever you need. Your home will be even more special.