It’s nearly the end of 2020 and that makes it the perfect time for exploring online business ideas for 2021. In the world of online entrepreneurship, there are quite a few ideas that stand out from the rest.

But seeing as you’re here and reading this article, we decided to tell you all about the 7 online business ideas that are worth trying. So, without wasting too much of your time, let’s start the countdown.

Selling Your Product

There aren’t any business ideas that stand out more than selling stuff online. We’ve seen the rise of eCommerce to such a great effect that literary everyone wants their own e-store.

But what an online store gives us is the option to sell products online straight from the comfort of your home. And don’t think of your product as a physical item.

What you can do is sell information online in an educational form. This is only possible if you possess a certain type of skill or have knowledge in a certain type of subject.

If you’re quite an experienced web designer or programmer, you can formulate your own course and sell it online so that others can learn the art from you.

There are no rules when it comes to selling stuff online, and that’s what makes it such an appealing prospect.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make a pretty good living whilst doing the things you love the most – marketing! It’s also incredibly passive so you’d be living the dream, literally.

If you’re a skilled marketer and creating courses doesn’t sound like an appealing online business, then you’re in luck. Marketers these days are quite fortunate to be living in such an age as everything can be transitioned to the digital world.

What affiliate marketing is, essentially, is when you market other people’s products or services online and get something in return from it. Every time you successfully convince someone to buy these products, you get a commission from each sale.

But it’s not that straightforward as you might think. To become successful at affiliate marketing, you will need to become a trusted advisor to a large audience. You will need time to build this audience and will most likely need a website (blog) to start.

What you’ll also need to do is find a nice you’re good at and become a master in it. If you enjoy fishing and that’s something that you know a lot, then this can be your niche. The affiliate marketing part will be to sell fishing accessories and gear.

Coaching and Consulting

There aren’t many online business ideas that are becoming more popular today than coaching and consulting. If you thought that making money off courses is weird, then wait until you see how much money people spend on coaching. A good example of a successful coaching business is, which is still going strong.

This one is quite similar to creating courses in the sense that you will be conveying your skills to others. In most cases, this will be a company that is in particular need of a particular skill that you’re good at.

And this isn’t only exclusive to companies. Individuals hire consultants and coaches for all kinds of things. This could be for weight loss, inspirational speaking, life, relationships, business, health, and all kinds of stuff.

This one isn’t so much about building an online business but building an online business around you.

To make it as a coach or a consultant, you will need extraordinary people skills, the knowledge of how to train people in a particular skill. and much more. It’s not an easy start but you can quickly grow to a six-figure annual salary if you work hard.

As always, the online world is where you can offer your services and skills to a bigger audience than you can ever imagine.

Graphics and Web Design

It’s 2020 and it won’t be long until we’re in 2021. And with the current pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, everyone is transitioning to the online world.

And what this means is that there will be many businesses out there in need of graphics and web design services. This is where you come in. For a business to own a website is a very common practice. But not every business out there has one.

It is projected that up to 45% of all small businesses in the US do not own a website. This means that there is a huge market out there for you to explore. And what every website needs is quality content. A large sum of that content will be graphics content, so you can do a bit of both if you have the necessary skills to do so.

SEO and Digital Marketing

Whenever we discuss online business ideas, few are as popular as SEO and digital marketing. Search Engine Optimization is absolutely vital for websites to appear on Google.

It doesn’t matter if your potential clients have the best-looking websites when they don’t show on Google searches. Much like making websites and cool graphics, there is a huge market for digital marketers.

If you’re a skilled digital marketer, then you can open your very own digital marketing business. What’s even better is that everything will be done online meaning you don’t even have to own an office.

As an SEO expert, you will help other businesses rank on Google searches. As a digital marketer, you will help grow these businesses. You’d be surprised to find how lucrative this online business idea can be.

SaaS – Software As A Service

You won’t be surprised that most online business ideas in 2021 revolve around computer technologies. Not only that, but you will need a functioning computer with functioning programs to create an online business.

And if making programs or software is something that you’re quite good at, then you can start your very own Saas online business.

SaaS, as the title suggests, stands for Software As A Service. This means that you will offer your product (the software) to other businesses and individuals.

There is a great possibility to turn SaaS into your very own online business that you can manage from home. All that it takes is for you to be good at making software (software development).

Through the software that you will be designing and developing, you will help your clients achieve their goals. There are tons of ways to make money through SaaS and there are endless opportunities to scale and expand.

It is estimated that a company uses 16 SaaS applications on average. Imagine the opportunities if you create software that helps solve a key business problem.

Vacation Rental

Renting vacation homes might be the perfect online business idea if you’re not skilled in IT or marketing. What vacation rental means is offering any type of accommodations to tourists on a short-term basis. It’s like AirBnB but on a much smaller scale.

While you could turn your business into AirBnB, someday, you will start on a much smaller scale. While this type of online business idea doesn’t require many skills in IT, you will need to quit the capital to start.

From owning a website to having a solid online presence to convincing people to offer their vacation homes for a dream vacation rental, it does take a lot of knowledge to succeed.

But if you do manage to make it, you could make anything from 10 to 40% off each booking.

Finishing Thoughts

The online world presents a unique opportunity for you to create something that you’ve always wanted. Whether that be an online store, a coaching business, and even software development, the opportunities are truly endless.

Don’t make the same mistake you make each year and turn 2021 into a successful one.