Have you heard of Nolan Gibbons, the 15-year-old singing sensation from Marion, Massachusetts? Many people did and even followed him for quite a while after they found out how good he was at singing. But sad news just came from his family. Apparently, Nolan Gibbons just died completely unexpectedly on August 18.

The news of his sudden death

The news came from Gibbons’ mother, Sheila Jane Gibbons. She revealed the news of his son’s death in a Facebook post. In the post, Sheila told the public that her son died in his sleep in their home in Marion, MA. She sounded clearly devastated by Gibbon’s death as you can see in her post.

In the post, Sheila also added that her family is planning to make some arrangements for a tribute to her son’s beautiful yet short life. She also didn’t forget to thank everyone who has been following his music endeavor.

On her Facebook page, Sheila has posted many pictures of Gibbon’s. There is one picture of a painting made by Gibbons when he was only three years old. And since many people are sad about Gibbons’ death, they want to contribute something and help Sheila’s family. Multiple crowdfunding pages for Gibbons’ family have been set up and people have contributed as well.

Tribute to Gibbons

If you have been following Gibbons, then you should know that he was working closely with Acapop! KIDS. The children’s singing platform paid tribute to Gibbons on their Instagram page. The tribute post praised Gibbons’ talent as a singer, musician, and beatboxer. And they also mentioned how kind Gibbons was as a person. Today, the tribute has received almost 3,000 likes and hundreds of comments on Instagram.

If you didn’t know already, Acapop! KIDS developed the popular online group, Pentatonix, and also started the kids’ version of the group. It didn’t take long at all, before becoming a fan favorite. And this is exactly how people heard about Nolan Gibbons.

Acapop! KIDS also has covered many hits from multiple genres, including songs from Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper, Queen, Ariana Grande, and more. Many news stars were born from this singing platform, including Preston C. Howell, whom people regarded as the mini version of Michael Buble.

The group has been gaining a lot of popularity over the holidays. They now have millions of views on YouTube and are planning multiple tours together with many young stars. And again, one of their biggest achievements was appearing on The Kelly Clarkson Show at Universal Studious in California. In the show, the group recorded a segment over the weekend with Kelly Clarkson. Nolan’s father was also seen backstage, and he reported that Kelly Clarkson was very impressed by the performance.

If you are curious about the show and missed it, it was aired on national television Thursday. I think you can watch their past shows easier now.

Later, it was revealed that Gibbons was rather humble about his talent. On his 15th birthday in July 2020, Gibbons auditioned on Acapop! KIDS as a soprano. Apparently, Gibbons also had a passion for songwriting, riding his bike, and producing. His fame as a singer and beatboxer didn’t get to his head at all. 

Gibbons’ past appearances

In January 2020, Gibbons appeared on Fun 107. Gibbons later described his experience on the show and how he met and talked to Kelly Clarkson for the first time. According to the show’s website, during that specific episode, an Old Rochester Regional High School freshman will appear on the show on Thursday.

And surprisingly enough, it seems like they know quite a lot about Gibbons. They mentioned how for much of the past year, Nolan Gibbons had been juggling a full class schedule like all students did, while also performing with the singing group Acapop! KIDS.

Nolan’s Instagram page

According to Nolan’s Instagram page, he has gained about 73 thousand streams, 4 thousand listening hours, 23 thousand listeners, and fans in 109 countries on Spotify alone. It is clear that many people really loved Nolan Gibbons and his talents in music. If you want to listen to his songs, you can look him up on various platforms.