Despite what you might think, neutral interior design isn’t easy to pull off. Just because it looks effortless doesn’t mean that it is. If it was that easy, there wouldn’t be 43,000 interior designers employed in the United States currently. 

If you would like some expert tips on how to use the neutral palette in your home, then we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to become a neutral interior design semi-expert. 


1. Don’t Go White-Crazy

Some folks think that using neutral styles in your home is all about using white on white on white. But that’s not the case. It is possible to use too much white and make your space look washed out and dull.

It’s about being strategic with the way you use white in your interior design styles. You don’t want your white-on-white room to end up looking like a sterile hospital room.

2. Make Sure to Use Some Black and Color as Well

One way to avoid washing out your neutral palette is to use a bit of color and black in the mix. You don’t want to add too much color because that would negate your neutral palette. But you will want to add one little piece, like a pillow or a throw that is colorful, to add some drama to your room.

Also, having a ratio of 90% white and 10% black can help enhance your neutral interior design. 

3. Use a Variety of Texture and Timber to Add Interest

Another thing you will need to remember is that your neutral palette will need a wide variety of textures and timber to add interest to your interior design.

This means finding pieces made of different styles, colors, and textures of wood but making sure they are in the same tonal family. Also, add texture using textiles like linen, raw timbers, rattan, cane, seagrass, jute, earthenware, and wool.

4. Your Secret Weapon: Metallics

Another expert neutral interior design tip – do not forget to add one metallic piece to your room to give it that final finishing touch. You can add brass (warm) or steel (cool) to add depth and variety to your natural palette. It could be a tray, lamp, or concrete planter. 

Make sure to keep everything quite simple so your metallic pieces can stand out and create that cohesive interior design that you are seeking. More helpful tips on staging a house here.

Neutral Interior Design Requires In-Depth Strategy

Just like you want your makeup to look effortless, the same way you want your neutral interior design to look like you put minimal effort into it, even though, in actuality, you spent hours picking each piece. This way, when visiting guests gush and enthuse over your interior space, you can brush it off, saying it was nothing. 

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