Although variety is the spice of life, there’s something to be said for choosing a “kratom sold near me that suits your needs. Your favorite strain may be the ideal morning pick-me-up or reliable relaxation aid. And why think of trying something else if you’re content with the results?

Many kratom users develop a habit of using their favorite strain. While it may appear to be a perfect match, these “honeymoon phases” aren’t meant to continue. That is because repeated use of the same strain can reduce the effects of kratom.

We get the effects of the plant from naturally occurring chemicals. Alkaloids are present in variable amounts in most kratom strains. And, when your body adjusts to a strain’s alkaloid balance, you may notice that the strain’s effects become less intense over time.

Thankfully, relieving “strain weariness” is sometimes as simple as switching to a different strain. Adding multiple strains to your kratom routine can expose you to a broader range of alkaloids. As a result, you’ll have more consistent and better results.

Kratom mixtures are very effective at reducing strain fatigue. Most blends contain alkaloids from two or more strains, typically colored differently. Blends can help infuse some much-needed variety into a kratom regimen that is otherwise stale. So, whether you’re seeking to try something new or find a new favorite, these kratom blends are worth considering!

What is a Kratom Blend?

Mixed kratom is a carefully calibrated and blended combination of two or more strains. A kratom blend combines the most significant strains from the exact location or various growing areas. It is to bring out the finest in both strains. As a result, it amplifies the overall qualities.

1.  Ganesh Maeng Da

Mitragaia, an established American kratom retailer, sells Ganesh Maeng Da, a unique combination. As of this writing, it’s one of only a few blends available from the brand. Nonetheless, Ganesh Maeng Da is a popular choice among customers.

Ganesh Maeng Da is a mix of Red Maeng Da and Green Elephant kratom, according to Mitragaia. As a result, especially in low-to-moderate doses, it may deliver a balance of relaxation, euphoria, and vigor (1-2.5g).

If pain treatment is a top priority, Ganesh Maeng Da may not be the ideal option. According to user feedback, both strains in the blend appear to have below-average pain-relieving effects. However, because kratom is a highly subjective plant, your results may differ.

2.  Pink Bunny

Red and white kratom strains are generally opposed. As a result, many kratom users acquire an aversion to one strain color over another. But there’s “Pink Bunny” from Leaf of Life Botanicals for those of us who want the best of both worlds.

Pink Bunny’s bright and cartoonish name isn’t just a nod to the red and white kratom within. It’s also a tribute to the “Kratom Bunny,” a YouTuber instrumental in the blend’s approval. Leaf of Life Botanicals have not yet revealed pink Bunny’s strains. As a result, it’s challenging to forecast the impact of the blend. However, most red strains are sedating and pain-relieving, whereas most white strains are energetic and uplifting. As a result, Pink Bunny is likely to provide a well-balanced mix.

3.  Super Speciosa

Super Speciosa, an American kratom retailer, boasts one of the industry’s leanest strain options. On the other hand, their self-titled signature blend proves their commitment to quality over quantity, as customer reviews imply.

It is sourced from “the most alkaloid loaded batches,” according to their website. However, it’s difficult to predict what impacts Super Speciosa’s signature combination will have without more information.

Every batch of Super Speciosa includes at least 1.4 % mitragynine, one of the major alkaloids in kratom. As a result, the blend may be particularly effective at reducing strain fatigue caused by regularly using other, less potent strains.

4.  Green Dragon

Do you prefer the energizing properties of green and white kratom strains? Mitragaia’s Green Dragon might be for you if that’s the case. Green Maeng Da and White Maeng Da, two of the most legendary strains in the kratom world, are combined in this combination. The resulting blend should provide a fascinating balance of energy and euphoria based on user experiences with those strains. On the other hand, Green Dragon may be too stimulating for some users, particularly those who favor sedating strains. Ganesh Maeng Da will be a better fit if that describes you.

5.  Aceh Zen

Aceh Zen from Leaf of Life Botanicals is a great way to get rid of strain and tiredness. This combination, which contains a staggering five different diverse color strains, symbolizes the “fear of missing out.” Because of this, predicting the consequences of the blend is difficult. On the other hand, Aceh Zen could provide a significantly diverse and balanced experience due to its eclectic formulation.

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The majority of the negative headlines around kratom derive from individuals taking the wrong mix of ketum or exceeding the approved dosage. You’ll be relieved to learn that mixing and matching different kratom strains is entirely safe. However, just like with anything else kratom-related, you should follow the proper process for blending different strains.

Finally, moderation is essential. Use only a small amount of mixed kratom. To avoid any adverse side effects, take your blend apart from your regular kratom regimen.


Before we get into how to mix kratom, let’s look at why you should blend your all-natural kratom in the first place.

Let’s say you’ve been a long-time user of a particular strain. Combining your strains is an excellent approach to avoid stagnant strain syndrome, also known as kratom tolerance. While it may have worked well in the past, you discover that it no longer works. You can now increase your dosage if you want to. However, it’s important to remember that exceeding the authorized amount might result in various adverse consequences, including seizures, an elevated heart rate, and liver damage.

Bottom Line

If your favorite kratom strain has recently disappointed you, you may be suffering from strain weariness. Thankfully, kratom blends can assist. You may mix up your kratom routine and still enjoy the white maeng da benefits of the plant by utilizing a kratom blend with a different alkaloid balance.