Over the past few years, minimalism has become an increasingly popular décor trend that people have been using in their homes. Fans of minimalism say that living in a minimalist space is incredibly freeing and helps them stay focused on what really matters, rather than worrying about what their latest purchase was.

If you’re not familiar with what minimalism is in the décor world, simply put minimalism is a style focused on simplicity, clean lines and traditionally uses monochrome colours as a base, with brighter colours serving as accents to highlight focal points in your décor.

If you want to dive into the world of minimalism, it may help to have some advice from a décor expert, which is why I’ve put together this guide on what accessories you will need in your home, to help you fully embrace the minimalist style at home!

Ottoman Footstall With Storage

In minimalist décor, storage is incredibly important if you want to keep your home looking clean and minimalist. Without any storage, you’ll find yourself having to tidy up almost daily to keep the minimal look you’ve worked hard for. A great solution for this is Ottoman footstalls with storage inside them, this allows you to keep storage out of sight, but will give you the utility of a nice footstall. Just make sure that you pick an ottoman that fits with the rest of your home’s décor.

Soft White Window Blinds

When shading the windows in a minimalist home white blinds are a must have, by using a soft white colour on a smooth material you seamlessly shade your windows, without obstructing any of the minimalist décor in the room. When closed white blinds will form a flat white surface, which will help cut down on the amount of lines within a room, as you blend your windows into the walls of your minimalist home.

Off-White Sofa Throw Blanket

A sofa throw can be a handy accessory to have in a minimalist home, especially if your sofa shows stains, dust or dirt easily and you don’t want to be constantly cleaning it. With a nice off-white sofa throw, you can add a layer of texture onto your sofa, this will cover any areas in need of a spot clean and help your sofa blend into the minimalist theme a bit more. Off-white or white colours are ideal to fit in with minimalist décor, but beiges, greys and neutral colours will also work well.

Textured Plain Rug

In a minimalist home, having a variety of textures is important, as you’re using a monochrome pallet things can get a bit boring without some variety. So, by using different textures around your home, you add some extra depth to the décor. A great way to add a new texture into your home is with a rug, you can use a shag rug to add a feel of comfort, jute rugs to give you a feeling of nature or silk to add a soft feel of luxury into your home.