Approximately 26.5 million Americans moved from their homes to new ones between March 2020 and March 2021.

Everyone knows how stressful moving can be, even if it’s just moving a few blocks from your current home.  Without adequate preparation, and the right tips, moving to a new home can be a real nightmare.

If you’re planning to move locally and need some local moving tips, you’re in the right place. Today, we’ll be highlighting a couple of tips to make your local move seamless.

1. Start Your Preparations ASAP

The more prepared you are for your move, the more seamless your move will be. Start preparing for the move the moment you decide to find a new home. For foolproof preparation, create a checklist of stuff you need to accomplish before you switch camp to a new place.

The checklist should cover stuff like:

  • Where you want to move
  • When you want to move
  • Your moving budget
  • What moving company you’re hiring
  • Your moving timeline

Be super diligent with your preparation for the best results. Also, avoid being too casual with your moving plans. Remember, moving to a new palace is a life-changing decision that requires your undivided attention.

2. Prepare Your Packing Materials

Moving would be a lot easier if all you had to do was throw everything on a truck and unload them at your new home. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. For a successful move, you need to pack everything in their respective packing containers and unpack them carefully, once at your new home.

That’s why for the second step, you’ll need to prepare all your packing materials. By packing materials, we mean suitcases, boxes, and storage containers that you’ll use to put all your stuff in. Make sure you have all of them ready before you can do the actual packing.

When it comes to supplies for packing, be sure to get sturdy boxes or containers of different sizes. You can buy these boxes, borrow from your friends or borrow them from convenience stores that don’t need them anymore.

3. Declutter

With the packing supplies in check, it’s now time to rid your house of any clutter. You can either discard, donate, or sell the stuff you don’t need. Decluttering will help ensure you pack only the stuff you need to make the process a lot easier.

4. Notify Utility Companies

Next, you’ll need to notify utility companies that you’re moving to a new location. That way, they can transfer utilities to your new address. You’ll have to contact all utility providers, including gas, water, electricity, and cable TV providers.

5. Get Your New Home Ready

After notifying the utility companies, it’s time to prepare your new home for your arrival. This means cleaning the palace diligently. Allocating rooms, and laying out where individual items will go.

6. Pack up and Move

The final step involves packing up all your items so you can move them to your new home. To do so you’ll need the help of a reputable moving company like Haulin Assets Movers for a smooth transition to your new home. Even if it’s only short distance moving, you should never compromise on the moving company you pick for your move.

Move Locally Without Breaking a Sweat

The above genius moving hacks will make moving locally a cakewalk for you and your family. If you’re looking to move locally, make sure you keep these handy tips nearby.

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