Are you planning a move to South Dakota? Perhaps best known for its beautiful and historic landmark, Mt. Rushmore, South Dakota has that and more to offer its residents. But not everyone has heard of the state’s natural beauty, burgeoning business sector, or low cost of living. 

There are many reasons a move to South Dakota is the right choice. We’ve narrowed the list down to the top five. 

1. Opportunity Abounds

Rest assured you are making the right choice when you choose South Dakota’s most populous city, Sioux Falls. Even in its largest city, South Dakota rings true with a small-town feel. 

But the good news is, you can’t go wrong no matter where you choose to live. Living in Rapid City and Aberdeen comes with its own host of benefits as well. South Dakota’s cities and communities are part of what makes the state so attractive as a landing pad. 

2. Small Government Meets Large Freedom

South Dakota bends conservative when it comes to its local and state government policies. There is little to no income tax or personal property tax, making your homestead dreams a reality. Spend your money on what is most important to you: your home, your family, and your community. 

3. Booming Business Economy 

The job market is growing in South Dakota. Many positions are in demand and career opportunities are plentiful. Industries from finance to hospitals are looking for qualified candidates and likely will be for the foreseeable future.

The business climate is ripe for starting your own business as well. Startups can look forward to a favorable tax structure, little to no income or inventory tax, and high growth incentives.

4. High Quality of Life Meets Low Cost of Living

With a notably low cost of living, South Dakotans can spend more on dining out, shopping and retirement. Many residents report a high level of well-being and happiness for this reason.

It is easier to afford everything from an education at one of South Dakota’s many colleges to a house or property of your dreams. 

5. Move to South Dakota for the Natural Beauty

Yes, South Dakota is home to the famous Mt. Rushmore. But it also features the infamous Badlands, Black Hills National Forest, and the Missouri River. A great array of wide-open spaces makes South Dakota great for hunting and fishing as well. 

An outdoor enthusiast’s paradise, South Dakota’s population is few but its priceless sunsets are many. Enjoy every season to its fullest, especially when you spend less time commuting than almost any other state in the union.

A Place to Call Home

The choice to move to South Dakota should be an easy one to make. Consider all the opportunities for you and your family when you choose this beautiful state to call home. 

If you love the outdoors and are looking for your next great career move, South Dakota is the place for you. For more information on planning your next move and what it takes to make your dream a reality, check out our blog.