Lipomas are growths of fatty tissue that can occur anywhere in the body. While they are usually benign or noncancerous, they can sometimes be painful or uncomfortable. If you are dealing with lipoma, different treatment options are available. Or, you can leave it alone if you don’t have any pain or discomfort. However, removal can be the best decision if it is growing or causing problems. Surgery is the standard procedure for lipomas. The doctors would cut the growth and stitch the area back. However, if the lipoma is giant or appears in a difficult spot, you may need it removed via liposuction. It is a minimally invasive procedure.

If you need lipoma treatment, contact a trusted plastic surgeon specializing in this area. Before that, let’s learn more about mole and lipoma removal procedures.

Mole removal

A surgery is recommendable for cosmetic reasons or to remove cancerous moles. You can find a local plastic surgeon for help with this. The doctor will examine the size, location, and type of mole before removing it. Although it is a safe method, some risks will always be there, such as infection, bleeding, and scarring. However, these are usually minimal and easily manageable by your surgeon.

Nevertheless, if you opt for mole removal surgery, discuss all the risks and benefits with your surgeon beforehand. Generally, doctors recommend excision when the mole size is too significant or looks malignant. The excised portion goes to the lab for further tests. Don’t worry about the downtime. You can get back to work shortly.

For minor cases, laser treatment is efficient. You may need local anesthesia to avoid discomfort, and the recovery can also be faster.

Lipoma removal

As mentioned earlier, lipomas may not need any medical or surgical intervention in most cases. But large sizes, uncomfortable locations, and painful growth can make it unavoidable. It takes a day to finish the procedure. Doctors inject anaesthesia before conducting the excision on the lump and sending it for histology. They would close the wound and apply dressing in the final stage. You must know that some cases may require general anaesthesia, especially if they are too big or exist in sensitive spots on the body.

If you are unaware, liposuction can also be a preferred removal method for lipomas because it involves fewer incisions than other methods, such as surgery. Liposuction can be an outpatient treatment, so you don’t have to stay back in the hospital.

Lipoma surgery can leave you with slight pain and bruising, which is not a cause of concern. It’s a common side effect that goes away as you heal. Still, whether you decide to get rid of moles or lipomas for better-looking skin, ensure that you talk to the best plastic surgeon for advice and treatment solutions. In Singapore, finding the right doctor for these requirements is not a trouble. Simple online searches, a few references from near and dear ones, and a bit of background research can lead you to the proper place. No matter how you get a contact, don’t forget to discuss your problems with the doctor and get clarity on the procedures.