There is no denying the power of digital marketing in today’s connected world. A texting service can promote your business at the touch of a button, quickly and easily communicating your message with your target audience and beyond. Here is what you need to know about how to maximize your marketing impact through a texting-type service.


Understanding the Power of a Texting Service

A texting marketing plan is a simple way to reach many people through their smartphones. This type of service provides a platform that empowers marketing professionals to send SMS messages from a computer or a designated mobile app. Using this type of service, you can send urgent messages or notifications instantly.

A text alert system allows you to reach thousands of people or a small handful. Use the alerts to target existing clients or to introduce new prospects to your brand. You customize and curate your distribution list to your specifications.

The learning curve of using this system is not steep. You do not have to be tech-savvy to understand how to operate the platform, making this a good choice for a variety of marketing professionals looking to expand their reach. Whether you are a large corporation or a small business, text messaging is a proven way to introduce or reinforce your message.

How to Send Text Alerts

The first step in setting up this system is allowing your target audience to opt-in to your text messages. This typically involves them texting a specific word to your dedicated number to receive these requests. Savvy marketers use different opt-in words to separate their distribution lists accordingly. For instance, you can create one word to target existing clients and a different word to differentiate users who may be new to your business.

Once you have your distribution list set up, you can begin crafting your message. A professional texting platform will provide the freedom of sending texts immediately or setting them up for distribution at a later time. Or make it even less time-consuming by automating the process.

Different Ways to Leverage a Texting Service

A text messaging service is an integral part of a myriad of communication strategies. Research has shown that most text messages are read within minutes, an immediate way to reach your audience. Use it to promote sales, launch new products, direct traffic to a website, and more. The more creative you are with using text communication, the bigger and better the results will be.

In addition to leveraging this service to promote a product, it can also be used as a swift way to disseminate information. For instance, many school districts are now using mass texting as a means to communicate information with parents. Or you want to use the platform internally within a company to communicate messages to staff. There is no limit to how you can lean on the power of instant text messaging as a communication tool.

What to Look for in a Texting Service

There are a number of qualities to look for when choosing a texting platform for your organization. The key is finding a user-friendly service. This means choosing a service you can use on the go and through a desktop or your mobile phone. Flexibility and versatility are key if you want the service to work for you.

Marketing professionals also need the peace of mind of knowing that texting is reliable. Do not waste money on a service that cannot ensure the texts go through as intended. Lastly, you will want to select a service that is committed to providing quality customer service. A professional platform will be able to counsel you about the legalities of mass texting so that you can be assured that you are in compliance with the law.

Do not miss out on the power and reach of a text messaging marketing plan. Why not reach people through the same device that they use to communicate? Put your message front and centre through the use of a texting alert service today.