During this pandemic, unemployment became a huge problem for businesses and individuals. This year, however, the employment rate in the US dropped to 3.8% from 4.0%. Now’s a good time to get a job and earn back the cash you lost during the pandemic.

You don’t have to go for the common jobs as they are more difficult to obtain as the effects of the pandemic lessen. Why not go for the more unique careers that still pay a lot? Here are some unique and fun careers to help you discover nontraditional work that pays great.


Average annual wage: $68,610

Also named product designers, toy makers must be creative and have an artistic flair. A toymaker is a specialist who invents toys that are amusing and enjoyable for kids. Moreover, they must understand how to use materials to make toys that aren’t harmful to children.

Voice-over Artist

Average hourly wage: $62.15

A voice-over artist narrates text for television, radio, theater, film, and other productions. Having a unique voice is an excellent start to your voice-over career, but you can improve your skills in training and reading out loud. Utilizing your diaphragm to talk and rehearsing vocal conditioning is also essential.

Bereavement Coordinator

Average annual wage: $47,076

A bereavement coordinator helps families with deceased or dying loved ones. They handle every process from paperwork, arrangements, funeral services, guests, and staff.

They also set up counsel appointments for the bereaved if required. In this career, you will generally work in nursing homes, hospitals, or hospice settings.

Soap Boiler

Average hourly wage: $19.56

Help people to get squeaky clean with a career as a soap boiler. Soap businesses need soap boilers to turn fats into soap used for powders or bars.

The soap-making process is quite colorful, dealing with a grainy, curdy, and pasty boiling mass of soap treated with brine. The best thing about this career is that you can be a soap boiler with only a high school diploma.

Color Specialist

Average hourly wage: $17.71 – $23.34

A color specialist is a position where you use trends, color psychology, and statistics to offer the best colors for buildings. Also, you will create designs for a brand logo, an office, a house, or an entire building.

This career only requires training, and you don’t need a college degree. Furthermore, it’s helpful to be innovative and creative in seeking to make good money in this job.

Online Dating Ghostwriter

Average hourly wage: $ 23.84

Online dating ghostwriters write profiles for people on dating sites. It’s a fun career if you have the knacks to make witty dating profiles. You can do this profession as a freelancer from wherever you are in the world with online dating sites.

Stone Mason

Average hourly wage: $22.99

A stone mason cuts and prepares stone to repair or build stone structures. This includes monuments, historical buildings, statues, homes, and headstones. Start your career as a stone mason to help preserve both the feel and look of important structures.

Make Good Money With These Unique Careers

Some of these unique careers don’t need a college degree, but they still make good money. Whichever job you choose, as long as you put your heart and mind into it, you can go a long way. Explore these careers and determine which one suits your talents and skills.

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