According to one recent report, around one in three Americans currently have some type of side hustle.

Side hustles are additional part-time jobs that people take in addition to their full-time ones. Through these gigs, they can earn extra spending money, help pay down debt, and even explore some personal hobbies and interests.

Have you been thinking about adding one to your schedule? It’s easier than you might expect to get started. You can even work a side hustle online!

If you want to make money in your PJs, here are a few of your best bets.

1. Freelance Writer

You don’t have to have an English degree to make some major money as a freelance writer.

From blog posts and website content to white papers and technical journals, companies require many different types of writing. If you can meet that need, then you’ll be in business.

You can choose to charge by the hour, or per word, based on your preference. You can also look for clients in niches you like, so the work is always interesting. Keep in mind that while you don’t usually need specific credentials to get started, you should have a strong grasp of the English language.

If you have professional writing experience under your belt, you can usually charge more for your time. Advertise your services on professional platforms like LinkedIn, so your network connections can easily find you.

2. Social Media Manager

Do you love posting across all of your social media channels? Are you adept at using all the latest features, from Instagram Stories to Facebook Live?

If so, why not offer to optimize someone else’s online presence, instead of just your own? Influencers and brands alike need engaging and SEO-friendly social media content, but they don’t always have the time or knowledge to put it together themselves.

This is one of the most enjoyable ways to earn money online, especially if you’re going to be active on those sites anyway.

3. Sell Your Crafts

From knitting and embroidering to painting and woodworking, online marketplaces like Etsy are filled with creatives who want to share their work with others. Basically, you can turn your hobby into a money-making outlet.

Instead of waiting for the next craft fair to come to town, look for ways to sell products online instead. While Etsy is an industry powerhouse, there are other sites like Amazon Handmade, Spoonflower, and Society6 that operate in much the same way.

4. Become a Website Tester

When developers and designers create a new website, they need to make sure it’s user-friendly. Usability testing is a critical step in the process, but it can be costly and time-consuming for many companies.

To expedite the process and make it more affordable, many will turn to third-party website testers that take care of the work for them. One of those companies is Validately.

As long as you’re 18 or older with a reliable internet connection and the right tech tools, you can start testing sites. If you’re looking to earn extra money without leaving your home office, this could be a solid route. Check out this in-depth Validately review to learn more.

5. Teach English Remotely

If you’re fluent in English, then you can share your skills, empower others, and earn extra money, all at the same time!

Sites like VIPKID connect you with non-English speakers who want to learn the language. Once you’ve worked there for a while, you can branch off on your own and create a private tutor website. This way, you can charge your own hourly rate and work around your schedule.

One thing to note: Most education institutes require you to hold an online TEFL degree, and most will require you to hold a Bachelor’s degree.

6. Take Online Surveys

Let’s be clear with this one. You’re not going to strike it rich by visiting online survey websites.

However, it’s the perfect way to earn a few extra bucks in between commercial breaks of your favorite television show. Most programs operate on a point-based system, where a few hundred points equals around $1.

Do your research to find some of the top-paying ones, and focus your efforts there. If nothing else, you can slowly pad your PayPal account over time!

7. Start a YouTube Channel

It might take a while to build up your online audience, but if you can create a YouTube channel that viewers love, then you could soon rake in some serious cash from online sponsors and advertisers.

Not sure where to start? Think about a skill you’re great at, and offer video tutorials. Even if there are others already doing the same thing, you can still stand out.

The key is to make sure your video quality is top-notch and the information you share is helpful and relevant. Before long, you can amass an impressive community of subscribers.

8. Sell Your Gear

One of the easiest online jobs to work? Go through your home and look for anything you don’t want, from furniture to clothing.

Then, post it on sites like Facebook Marketplace and eBay. Research what similar items are selling for, and price yours accordingly.

Once you’ve exhausted all of your personal items, head to the thrift store or a local antique warehouse. If you have an eye for vintage items, you can find ones to resale online when you get home, often for a sizeable profit.

Is It Time to Try a Side Hustle Online?

Your full-time job isn’t quite cutting it, but you don’t want to head into a second office. Years ago, you might have found yourself in quite the predicament.

Now, however, there are plenty of side hustle online opportunities to pursue. From Saturday mornings to weekday nights, you can hop on your laptop and earn money from anywhere.

Let these eight ideas inspire you, and pave your own way forward. In the meantime, we’re here to keep you updated on all the lifestyle news you need. Check out more of our informative guides to get started!