London is a city with a rich history, and it should come as no surprise that some of its most famous landmarks are also among its most haunted locations. One such place is the Langham London hotel, featured in numerous books and television shows about ghosts and hauntings. According to legend, the hotel is home to several ghosts, including that of a former employee who committed suicide in the 1800s.

Many hotels in London claim to be haunted, but Langham is one of the most well-known. If you’re planning to stay in a place with a bit of history (and maybe even a ghost or two), read on for everything you need to know about the Langham hotel.

History of the Langham:

The Langham London hotel opened its gates in 1865, making it one of the city’s oldest hotels. The Langham was constructed between 1863 and 1865 for £300,000 or £30,515,436 in 2021 by Lucas Brothers at the behest of John Giles. It was one of London’s first purpose-built luxury hotels, and it quickly became a favourite among the city’s elite.

The hotel was named for Sir James Langham, a former resident of the area who built a mansion on the site where the structure now stands in London. The opening ceremony of the place was attended by European royalty and Victorian aristocracy.

Langham quickly gained a reputation as one of the most fashionable places to stay in the city. Royalty, dignitaries, and celebrities frequented it. In 1867, the place was the setting for a famous dinner party hosted by Prince Roland Bonaparte.

The Ghosts of the Langham:

With close to 500 rooms and suites, the hotel, first established in 1865, isn’t too shocking that many guests have reported seeing ghosts throughout the years. When the BBC owned the hotel, five ghosts were identified roaming its halls.

The most restless ghost reported to haunt the place is said to be of a Germanic nobleman. The tale goes that he jumped out an upper-storey window, killing himself. Many people have reported seeing a figure that appears to be moving through walls and closed doors. Some say they feel a sudden chill when he is around.

Recently, while the England cricket team was staying at the Langham, reports said that some members had trouble sleeping in their rooms. During their stay, England’s bowler, Stuart Broad, told how he was compelled to move rooms after one unpleasant encounter. Reportedly, he was woken up in the middle of the night by something “tapping his leg.”

If you’re planning a visit to London and are looking for a place to stay, the Langham London hotel is definitely worth considering. Just keep your eyes peeled for any spirits. Various well-known providers offer numerous types of accommodations online, making it simple to book a room. Who knows, maybe you’ll even have your encounter with one of its resident ghosts.

Why Choose the Langham Hotel?

After reading about Langham London’s rich history and resident ghosts, you may be questioning why you would want to stay there. Here are a few reasons:

  • It has a rich history and is one of the oldest hotels in London.
  • It has nearly 500 rooms and suites, all en-suite and luxurious.
  • It has been frequented by royalty, celebrities, and other notable figures. It has an award-winning spa and fitness centre.
  • It is centrally located and is within walking distance of many of London’s attractions.

The Cost:

Considering its history, location, and amenities, it is definitely worth the cost. The average price of a room is about £265.00 per night. However, you can often find deals and discounts online.

Closing Thought:

If you want to dare yourself to stay in London’s most haunted hotel, then Langham is the place for you. But be warned – this may not be suitable for the weak-willed. Are you brave enough to stay the night? The decision is yours.