If you own a business, you know the value of a reliable shipping service. The element of your business that people never see is frequently a sizable shipping component.

You must ensure your deliveries are being handled correctly behind the scenes. If not, your clients will become impatient while waiting for a delivery.

The tariffs on imported TVs, according to the Indian government, are about 36%. Therefore, shipping TV to India from overseas requires you to pay a duty of 36%.

What, then, should you be searching for? Continue reading to learn how to select a shipping provider that best suits your company’s requirements.


Set Your Shipping Objectives

Determining your shipping objectives is the first and most crucial step in selecting a shipping service. What does the service have to offer you? Do you require flexibility, speed, simplicity, or all three? Do you ship internationally, or are you merely sending local deliveries?

If you’re thinking about shipping internationally, consider a business that provides worldwide coverage and a range of shipping options. How big are the packages, exactly? Remember to account for packaging expenses and weight.

You can use these factors to choose which delivery service best suits your needs. While studying your choice, consider your needs concerning functionality, monitoring, distribution systems, and customer service.

Learn about and evaluate shipping services.

Start by examining the various carriers’ varied offerings. Consider elements like order object tracking, parcel delivery time, locations they serve, arrival and turnaround periods, and customer service. Finding the most dependable services requires reading customer reviews and looking up ratings. Inquire about referrals from coworkers and acquaintances as well.

Reduce the number of prospective services on your list.

Then, before choosing one, evaluate the delivery prices for each. Lastly, thoroughly examine the terms and conditions provided by the companies. You can be sure that you’re making the right decision for your company by taking the time to investigate and contrast various shipping services.

Recognize Shipping Charges and Rates

Think carefully about the various shipping rates and costs before selecting the best shipping solution for your company. The shipment’s dimensions, weight, and location can affect these charges. To ensure that your goods are covered in the case of theft or damage, it would also be beneficial to consider the various insurance plans offered.

Take a Look at Packaging Options

Packaging choices are an essential consideration when looking at shipping companies. Choose a delivery company that can offer customized packing for fragile commodities. These include improved padding wraps, double-boxing, and other safety gear.

The type of delivered product will determine the type of wrapping and its size. It is imperative to examine the available materials and shipping service possibilities.

How is the customs duty determined when shipping TV to India?

It depends on the TV’s estimated worth as determined by customs inspectors. As a result, the TV’s assessed worth is determined by its brand, size, quality, whether it is new or used, and the TV’s original invoice price.

Therefore, always maintain the TV’s original receipt from the store where you bought it. Even while the customs official is within his rights to estimate the value, you can almost always ask him to consider the invoice rather than the price in India.

Additionally, you can ask to have the value for devaluation reduced if the TV has already been used for a few months. 36% of the appraised value is what the duties are based on.

Before customs officers release the TV at the airport, you must pay the taxes in Indian rupees (or another currency). Always ensure you receive a certificate from the customs authorities for any duties you have paid. This is how shipping TV to India is done effectively.


You can send documents from the USA to India for $ 35. Some services offer $ 2 per lb for sending boxes to India. Choosing a shipping company for your company can take time and effort. Evaluate prices, services, and marketing options to provide the best experience for you and your consumers. Compare pricing, dependability, and the shipping service required for your purchases.