In a world where mobile phones have taken the lead, it is a big question whether or not keeping a landline is worth the investment. The landline is certainly not necessary, but there are undoubtedly several reasons it is a good option.

Therefore, if you are already thinking of ditching your landline, take a look at the points below, and you may change your mind. This post aims to prove that the landline is just not an emotion, and it has quite a few practical benefits too.

Once you are convinced about the benefits of having a home telephone service, it will be time to look at the packages that the operator is offering in your area.

Why should you think once more before ditching your landline service?

Effective solution during emergencies

Suppose there is an emergency and only the seniors of your family are at home during that time. There is no doubt that they will find the landline a better option to contact the emergency services than a cell phone.

If somebody is calling 911, the emergency dispatchers can check your home address automatically when you call from a landline number. However, that is not the case if the call is dialled from a cell phone. Therefore, a landline serves as the most effective solution In case of such dire emergencies.

There is no impact of power problems

If there is a severe outage or electricity issue in your area, there are high chances that your cell phone may die after a few hours. However, the same is not the case when it comes to landlines. These traditional devices have always functioned through self-powering and copper cables. Therefore, if there’s a power cut and you are in an emergency, you can not make a call from the cell phone, but it is possible using a landline.

Lesser signal issues

There’s an automatic data compression in cell phones when the connection is weak in your area. As a result, you will experience interrupted service and call drops. However, it is not a problem with landlines because they have proper copper wiring that does not share such issues. Moreover, if you live in an area where cell phone connection is usually weak, it is always a good idea to have an extra option at home in the form of a landline.

A permanent contact number

Earlier, when there were no cell phones, landlines played the monopoly game. The best part is. The people who still use a landline have the same contact number they had years ago. Therefore, if somebody has to call you up on a landline, they will most likely have the number memorized for years, and there are significantly fewer chances of it being changed. Besides, it is also possible to port your landline number to your cell phone at times. However, if there is a requirement, it is not a very practical idea.


Now that you’re aware of some of the most practical benefits of having a landline, you might not want to ditch it. Landlines can be a bit more reliable than mobile phones at some point in time. Besides, they are cheaper to maintain and may also be a good solution during any emergency.