The San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo is considered one of the best in the league. A Super Bowl appearance in 2019 is only the latest in a long list of accomplishments he has achieved in his career. His on-field performance draws a lot of attention, but his personal life also holds much interest. Jimmy Garoppolo’s wife, in particular, is a subject of great interest to fans. In this article, we will explore the background, career, and personal life of Jimmy Garoppolo’s wife.


Jimmy Garoppolo Wife’s Background

Alexandra King is the name of Jimmy Garoppolo’s wife, who is married to him. 1992 was the year she was born in Portland, Oregon. King’s roots are Italian, Irish, and Portuguese. She grew up in Portland and studied business administration at the University of Poland. Following graduation, she moved to Los Angeles to be a model.

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Jimmy Garoppolo Wife’s Career

As stated above, Alexandra King works as a model just like bella hadid. It has been her pleasure to model for various prestigious companies and brands, such as Sunset Swimwear, Luli Fama, and 138 Water. There’s also proof that King has acted as well, appearing in the TV series “Entourage” and the film “Chasing Titles Vol. II”. 1.”

She has also launched her own business, KARMA, which she runs independently. KARMA manufactures and sells crystal-infused water bottles. The bottles promote positive energy and good vibes. Several fans and customers have praised King’s bottles for their unique and innovative design, making her business successful.

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Jimmy Garoppolo and Alexandra King’s Personal Life

A relationship has existed between Jimmy Garoppolo and Alexandra King since 2018. A restaurant in Beverly Hills spotted them together during July of that year, and rumors quickly spread of a relationship. A later interview with Garoppolo revealed the relationship, stating he was “happy with how things are going.”

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Garoppolo and King have kept their relationship discreet, with King not sharing many photographs of him. Nonetheless, she shared a few pictures of them, including one on Valentine’s Day of 2020, when she called Garoppolo her “forever valentine.”

King and Garoppolo’s future plans could be clearer, including whether or not they will get married. In the absence of any announcement of their engagement or wedding, they are likely happy with their commitment to each other.

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To conclude, Alexandra King is a model, actress, and entrepreneur best known as Jimmy Garoppolo’s girlfriend. Fans are still curious about King and her background even though the couple has remained relatively private about their relationship. King has earned a name for herself as an accomplished woman in her own right due to her successful modeling career and booming business. The way Garoppolo’s personal life develops as he continues to make headlines on the football field will be interesting to watch.