There are countless resources available regarding investments. From stocks to cryptocurrency, it’s hard to wade through all the information. But did you know that the value of silver has risen 70% in the last year and expects to keep rising?

And though the idea of buying precious metals alone may not be appealing, there are other ways to buy silver. For example, there’s the silver Canadian Maple Leaf coin. 

If you have ever wondered if this Canadian coin is a good investment, keep reading. Here’s all you need to know about the minted silver coin.


Silver Canadian Maple Leaf Description

As the national symbol, the Canadian maple leaf is an iconic image to have. The image was first minted in a gold coin in 1979. Then in 1988, the Royal Canadian Mint began producing the silver coin.

Each silver coin contains one troy ounce of precious metal and guarantees 99.99% purity. On the face of the Canadian coin, there is a sculpted image of Queen Elizabeth II. The British monarch is also the Queen of the Commonwealth to which Canada belongs.

Since its origin, there have been three versions of the Queen’s face on the Canadian coin. Her image has changed with her age over the years. The 20th-anniversary version from 1999 has a privy mark.

The 200 edition of the silver coin also features fireworks with the privy mark. 

On the reverse face is a sculpted Canadian maple leaf. The silver coin is 38 mm in diameter and 3.29 mm thick, and the coin has a face value of $5.00 Canadian.

In 1998, the Royal Canadian Mint released a special edition. The silver coin commemorated the 85th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic.

The limited Canadian coin features an image of a tiny Titanic ship under the privy mark on the back. The picture rests beneath the Canadian Maple Leaf.

Is It A Sound Investment?

The Silver Canadian Maple Leaf is often compared to its American counterpart. The Silver Eagle has been in circulation since 1986 and has a face value of $1.00 US. It is, in effect, a silver dollar, but should not get confused with other American silver dollars.

Both coins are suitable investments because of their increasing value. Yet, the Canadian coin costs between $0.50 and $0.75 less than buying silver. And, the Canadian Maple Leaf contains the highest purity issued by any government.

The Canadian coin has a higher silver spot price. But it’s also available to buy firm the Canadian Mint. To buy silver this way, visit here for more on Canadian coins.

The Silver Eagle is a widely traded coin, so it is more available in the market. That could be another factor favoring the Canadian Maple Leaf, because only half as many are produced.

Buy Silver With Confidence

In times of volatile markets, many investors turn to precious metals as a haven. So when you buy silver, you generally have an investment that holds value.

And if you are going to buy silver, why not buy it in style? The Silver Canadian Maple Leaf is always sure to please. So if you enjoyed this article, make sure to bookmark our page and visit us often.