Finding yourself in a car accident is among the most traumatizing events you can find yourself in. The shock experienced leaves you susceptible to losing count of days as you focus on recovery. Many car accident survivors take months before following up on their insurance claims. This article explains the importance of hiring a car accident attorney early and when it’s too late to contract one.

How Long After an Accident Should You Get an Attorney?

It’s never too late to hire a Connecticut accident lawyer if you have a pending car claim in court. Hiring an expert in personal injury law improves your chances of securing worthy compensation, especially if you’ve been injured because of another driver’s negligence.

The lawyer advises you on the best approach to filing your claim, analyzes the proposed offer, and decides on the next step. If the accident’s cause was negligence, the claim should cover your medical bills, car repairs, wages lost, and other related expenses.

Although there is no time limit to hiring a car accident attorney, there is a limit to when you can collect expenses and damages from an accident. Time is a factor you must consider when it comes to claiming compensation according to Maine’s personal injury laws. The limit is six months from the accident, but it doesn’t mean you should not contact a car accident lawyer.

What Are the Consequences of Taking Too Long to Contact a Car Accident Lawyer?

There is no problem with taking your time before hiring an attorney for your car accident claim. However, you must understand that the longer you take, the more you expose your case to complications and irregularities. Here are the consequences of last-minute efforts to get a car accident lawyer:

Losing Evidence

The longer you take to find a reputable car accident attorney, the more susceptible you become to losing crucial evidence. Some information may get lost over time, leaving insufficient evidence to support your statements. A good example is that some drivers at the crime scene might delete their dashcam footage if you take too long.

Lack of enough proof means the court or claims adjuster is more likely to place more liability on you. Depending on your region’s fault rule, the compensation you deserve could get deducted based on your fault percentage.

Missing Records

You are also more likely to misplace some vital records supporting your case if you delay hiring a car accident attorney. Expense-related documents are the most important since they help prove the damage and injuries from the accident.

Losing these records compromises your lawyer’s ability to estimate your total damages accurately. It can also lead to an unsatisfactory settlement as you cannot prove some accident-related expenses in court.

Insufficient Time to Finish the Claim

Car accident claims take a lot of time to clear, especially where the damage and injuries are extensive. Taking too long to contact a car accident lawyer means you shorten the time window to settle the claim. In Connecticut, a case with minor injuries might take between two to six weeks to receive compensation.

Other personal issues can distract you from closing the case quickly and alter the court’s judgment. Note that there is a filing deadline you and your lawyer need to observe. The best time to hire a car accident lawyer is immediately after an accident. It would also help to note Connecticut’s statute of limitations is two years, after which you cannot sue the other party. Regardless of where you are, a car accident lawyer will help you get the most out of your situation.