Throughout Canada, discount weed is a dispensary favorite whether you’re buying weed from an online dispensary like Natural Releaf or walking into a physical cannabis retailer. After all, everybody doesn’t have hundreds of dollars to spend on craft cannabis.      

But is cheap weed worth buying? That’s the question that’s been on every cannabis users’ mind as legalization spreads throughout North America. Is there really such a big difference between budget buds and top shelf cannabis? And if so, is it worth the savings? In this article, we’ll be going over everything you need to know about budget weed.


Different Forms of Cheap Weed in Canada

To answer the question “Is cheap weed worth buying?”, we first must be aware of the different types of value buds and what they can potentially be used for.  

  • Popcorn Nugs (aka smalls):  Popcorn nugs get their name from the size of their buds which are about as big as popcorn or a nickel. They are perfect for rolling joints or packing bowls.
  • Cannabis Shake: Shake describes all of the trichomes, leaves and stems which fall off of fully sized buds and gather at the bottom of bags. Weed shake is significantly cheaper than most budget bud because of its appearance. It is perfect for smoking or making edibles, tinctures or tea. In fact, most prerolled joints are rolled using shake.
  • Low Quality Weed: Commonly referred to as “mids”, low quality weed can range from AA – AAA. The buds may be a bit choppy, loose or dull but they still get the job done. Low quality weed makes up for the majority of cheap weed.

What Makes Weed “Cheap”?

Cannabis users commonly mistaken budget bud to be “cheap” under the false pretense that it won’t get them high. However, while lower THC levels are typically associated with low-priced weed, the potency of budget bud doesn’t turn out to be as ineffective as one might think.

This is especially true following a study done at the University of Colorado where researchers found that THC content is actually a poor indicator of potency. With this in mind, marijuana buds can be considered “cheap weed” for several other reasons. 


Discount weed is generally lower quality which explains the affordable prices. You can expect to see buds in this category being graded anywhere from AA to AAA+, but what exactly does this mean in terms of quality?

Normally, this just means they’re a bit uglier, not as aromatic or rougher on the throat. They are still completely safe to smoke and at the end of the day, all marijuana displayed on dispensary shelves are subject to the exact same cultivation standards and regulations in Canada. 


In a world where looks are everything, the visual appearance of cannabis buds are a significant factor when dispensaries put a price tag on their products. It all comes down to marketing.

Visually, you can expect budget bud to be less appealing to your eyes opposed to their top shelf counterparts. They may not feature the same colorful hues, large nug sizes or fancy packaging. Will they still get you high? Of course! 


An overstock of cannabis is one of the main reasons a dispensary will offer discounted weed. This especially occurs when the demand is low. Just as all consumable products have an expiry date, cannabis is no exception.

Dispensaries must sell all of their remaining stock to make room for new products – hence the price reduction. Does this mean that these strains aren’t as high quality as top shelf strains? Absolutely not! They still contain the exact same cannabinoids and terpenes as fully priced weed.

Is Cheap Weed Worth Buying?

Cheap weed is definitely worth buying – especially if you’re looking to save money. Not only will it still get you high, but you’ll also be able to buy more of it for the same price. That’s why people love to buy cheap ounces of weed online in Canada – they know they’re getting a great deal.

Plus, buying in bulk often means you can get even better prices. So if you’re looking to save money on your weed, buying budget bud is definitely the way to go.