This Netflix series works its magic by transforming lackluster, outdated houses into stunning dream homes in just 12 hours! Instant Dream Home cast is popular with viewers. They enjoy watching incredible transformations unfold instantaneously. This is made possible by a team of talented artists and a host who combines expertise with charisma.

We’re here to provide you with an insight into the cast of Instant Dream Home – a team of fantastic renovations. Would you like to learn how to get on instant dream home? This is where we are here to assist you.

Instant Dream Home: An Overview

“Instant Dream Home” is an innovative home remodeling series that requires a fresh look at home renovations. Danielle Brooks, a Tony Award nominee, hosts the show premiering on August 10, 2022. The concept of assembling a team of skilled designers who take on the challenge of completely renovating a family’s home within a remarkable timeframe of just 12 hours.

As a result, the show keeps the homeowners unaware of the rapid transformation. The team whisks them taking a day off while working tirelessly to perform their magic. Upon the homeowners’ return, they encounter the astonishing and impactful results of the extensive makeover.

The cast of “Instant Dream Home” involves former stars of shows like “The Big Flower Fight,” “America’s Next Top Model,” “Orange is the New Black,” and “Hollywood Styling.”

The show showcases a fast-paced renovation process, encompassing three months of meticulous planning culminating in a single, intense 12-hour on-site management. Overall, “Instant Dream Home” stands as an enthralling choice for anyone with a keen interest in house staging.

Is Instant Dream Home Fake or Real?

“Instant Dream Home” is categorized as a spontaneous interaction, but its authenticity shines through in every aspect. The designers team dedicates a minimum of three months to each project, ensuring a genuine transformation process.

During the renovation, Danielle Brooks guides the team, engaging with homeowners and experts. While certain aspects of the show might be fabricated, such as design warehouse meetings, practice sessions, finishing touches, and surprises are entirely authentic.

The post-production phase has minimal effect on the show’s story. Despite this, the show never gives off a scripted or contrived vibe. Overall, the program has a natural and authentic feel that resonates throughout.

Who Pays for the Renovation on Instant Dream Home?

Here’s Who Pays for Instant Dream Home?

Tom Forman and his team practiced each project for over a year for Instant Dream Home’s renovations. Forman has compared the planning process to “Ocean’s 11,” involving multiple trials and coordinating teams of 250 to 300 tradesmen working simultaneously. Interestingly, the homeowners don’t cover the renovation costs; rather, the show’s producers fund the projects, even within a limited timeframe.

How to Apply for Instant Dream Home Makeover?

To apply for the Netflix show “Instant Dream Home,” potential applicants can visit the show’s casting website to apply. Clicking the button will take applicants to a webpage where they can send their application.

To be eligible for participation, candidates must have legal authorization in the United States or acquire such authorization by the start of pre-production. Additionally, they need to be 18 years of age, live in the Greater Atlanta region, and not be running for elected office.

As a result, selected participants will need to agree to undergo a background check and a mental health screening. They will also need to sign release agreements as required by the show’s producer and any broadcasting networks or their affiliates.

Before being considered, all potential adult participants and household members must apply. The producer may change or modify eligibility criteria at any time. Furthermore, the producer has the right to exclude anyone whose involvement in the production or administration raises concerns of impropriety.

Once you submit an application, the producer has sole discretion in making decisions regarding eligibility, and these decisions are both final and binding.

Instant Dream Home What Happens to Their Stuff?

The team from Netflix’s Instant Dream Home initiates the renovation process by removing the occupants’ personal belongings from the residence and relocating them to a secure site. Since the homeowner’s attention is not diverted by the impending renovation of the packing process.

However, a few viewers have expressed concern about the fate of the home’s underutilized furnishings and fixtures. As the staff loads personal belongings into vehicles, the presence of large dumpsters is noticeable, suggesting the disposal of a substantial amount of items.

The criteria for deciding which items to keep and which to discard remain ambiguous. Nonetheless, it appears that the crew prioritizes functionality and aesthetics over sentimental value. As a result, the show aims to turn the entire asset into a dream home, potentially involving significant changes, like removing personal items.

Instant Dream Home Cast

A talented designer team transforms each house in just 12 hours, exceeding customers’ wildest expectations. As a result of their combined skills and expertise, the cast of Instant Dream Home quickly gained popularity.

1. Danielle Brooks

The “Instant Dream Home” cast consists of a group of highly skilled and expert designers, with Danielle Brooks as their host and leader. Brooks, a Tony Award-nominated actress renowned for her role as Taystee on the popular Netflix series “Orange Is the New Black,” brings a unique combination of talent and expertise to the show. In her role as team leader, she guides the team after each makeover, ensuring that everything runs smoothly.

2. Eric Curtis and Adair Curtis on Instant Dream Home

Adair and Erik Curtis, a married duo specializing in upscale home renovations, are set to join Brooks in the upcoming program. Adair, who takes the lead as the interior designer, brings with her a wealth of experience from notable shows like “Styling Hollywood” and “Best Room Wins.” Complementing her expertise, Erik, the primary contractor, contributes his exceptional carpentry skills. Together, they form a dynamic team with the capability to conquer any remodeling challenge.

3. Nick Cutsumpas

Nick Cutsumpas, known for his appearances on “The Big Flower Night,” is a horticulturist located in New York City. His proficiency in landscape design is a valuable addition to the show “Instant Dream Home.” Nick serves as the outdoor decorator, dedicated to creating outdoor spaces that are visually appealing and practical, perfectly complementing each residence’s overall aesthetic.

4. Paige Mobley

Paige Mobley, a former “America’s Next Top Model” contestant, joins the cast of “Instant Dream Home.” She brings a glamorous touch to the team as a fashion designer.

She specializes in integrating creative and distinctive design elements into restorations. This approach gives every project a distinct flavor of individuality and style.

Who Pays for Instant Dream Home Makeover?

The expenses for the Instant Dream Home makeover are covered by Tom Forman and his team. They dedicated more than a year to meticulously planning and practice every aspect of the remodeling projects.

How to Nominate Someone for Instant Dream Home?

Nominating someone for “Instant Dream Home” is a heartfelt process that starts with researching whether the show is currently accepting nominations. If they are, visit their official website to find the application form.

This form will ask for both your details and the nominee’s information. Get ready to narrate a compelling nominee’s story, detailing their deserving of the makeover and how it would enhance their lives.

What Is the Instant Dream Home Cost?

The instant dream home budget per house can vary widely depending on factors such as the extent of renovations, location, materials used, and specific design choices. Generally, TV shows of this nature often come with production budgets. These budgets cover the expenses tied to the makeover, which includes construction, design, furnishings, and other associated costs.

What Is an Instant Dream Home Application?

The Instant Dream Home Netflix application is a formal submission process that allows individuals to nominate someone for a home makeover through the television show “Instant Dream Home.” The application involves questions about the nominator and nominee.